Can I use Quotes on Custom Tees?

You’re wondering if you can include a catchy quote on your latest t-shirt design. Addressing copyright and trademark usage when it comes to printed apparel is a very ambiguous subject that gives plenty of designers […]

Organ Donor T-Shirts Save Lives

We first learned of someone using t-shirts to advertise for an organ donor from a story in a local newspaper. Some college age kids saw a man walking around in a Costco with a t-shirt […]

Is Your Corporate Swag On-Trend?

If you offer an interesting service or product you’ve probably already experienced inquiries for your corporate swag. These kinds of fun promotional giveaways are a great way to make an emotional connection with your existing […]

Zodiac T-shirts

The interest in Astrology isn’t new but it’s an area of curiosity that is currently trending especially with Millennials. It’s not that they believe horoscopes and zodiac sign traits exhibit any scientific qualities they do […]