Top Reasons you should get Employee T-shirts

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Up until about a decade ago, it was common place to require employees to wear uptight formal wear at the workplace. But a shift in culture and the demands of the workforce has changed what we wear at work. Ultimately people don’t like to be uncomfortable during a long day at the office. This is where employee t-shirts come into play and make whole lot of sense for your bottom line and employee satisfaction.

When it comes to uniforms, depending on past experiences, the mere thought of a tight, stiff, hot uniform could be a deciding factor in whether your job offer to an exceptional candidate is accepted. Attaining the best and brightest, especially when it comes to a younger workforce demands employers be competitive in all facets, even a casual atmosphere. Here are the top reasons why you should get employee t-shirts.

T-shirts build common bonds

T-Shirts Build a Common Bond – As individuals we sometimes like to be unique, unique is good but in some situations being unique in your identity doesn’t help identify with the team. When everyone is wearing the same t-shirt design, it’s easy to assimilate and build a mutual feeling of community and group loyalty. Offering t-shirt uniforms is one of the most casual, hands-off ways to build this sense of solidarity with your team. And just like animals in the wild, looking around and seeing members of your herd are there for back up allows your employees to feel a sense of security and support that everyone is on the same team.

Marketing t-shirts

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing – You may not realize what a valuable resource your employees are for free marketing. You probably already market on channels like social, buy expensive Internet banner ads, run remarketing campaigns, and send email newsletters. But so is everyone else. Thus the cost for digital marketing continues to increase with a premium being placed on impressions.

Have you ever thought how a person seeing your t-shirt marketing message could translate into an impression? Imagine all the people your employee is exposed to after work. Think about all the regular things people do in a day like going to the grocery store, stopping by their favorite restaurant, going to an appointment, getting gas, etc. All of these events are opportunities for your marketing message to be impressed on strangers.

If your t-shirt design is interesting, it might even spark a conversation which also turns your employee into a sales person for your company! T-shirts used in a marketing capacity is a no brainer because the cost per t-shirt drops based upon the increasing number of t-shirts that you buy. Can you think of any other form of advertising that actually decreases in cost based upon the number of units you buy? There are not a whole lot of options available that this would apply to.

If your business is the type of business that sparks loyalty from your customers, your employee t-shirt uniforms could also be hot commodity for perk giveaways. Think about how many people would love to have a t-shirt from businesses like Apple, Google, or even Starbucks. If you’ve got a fan base, why not include them as advertisers and sales persons for your business.

Branding by t-shirts

Branding by T-shirt – Branding and marketing are sometimes synonymous but branding is actually the act of instilling your businesses in the hearts and minds of your audience. It is the building of familiarity. When people are familiar with your brand name, they are more likely to consider doing businesses with your company when services are needed. If a person recalls your business name, slogan, or logo while skimming listings in a generic search for product or services, your chances for them to pick you go sky high compared to your competitors.

Recall is invaluable because people are more comfortable with what is familiar, especially when it comes to parting with their hard earned cash. Employee t-shirts are an excellent way to reinforce your branding even amongst your employee’s friends and family. Sometimes people don’t really discuss their jobs but having your branded t-shirt is a discussion starter. Additionally, people tend to trust a business’s offerings when that trust is reinforced through the connection of a friend or loved one.

But where should you get your employee t-shirts? You have lots of choices, however we’d certainly like you to consider us as one of those choices and here’s why. Although we’ve literally printed millions of custom tees over the years, one thing keeps us humble. Ultimately, the owner is a small business man. He understands what it’s like to build a business from scratch and how hard you have to work at it.

With that knowledge, he knows it’s very important to not disappoint customers and provide the very best custom t-shirts at a competitive price with a guarantee of satisfaction. Even when we’ve screwed things up, we really take it seriously to make it right. Just as you surely do, we understand the value of repeat business and satisfied customers.

Need help in understanding what you’re best options are? No problem. We’ve got a dedicated and enthusiastic team of customer service representatives that will help you through the entire journey including picking the right t-shirt product, advice on design, and the best price options for what you’re looking to achieve.

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