Pawn Stars and their New Shirt Blunders

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Here at DesignAShirt we are inspired by creativity in all forms, including nostalgic bits of Americana and antique items from the past. Some of us were recently watching the History Chanel show Pawn Stars and a particular episode struck close to home which was aptly title No Shoes No Shirt No Service.

In this particular episode, Chumlee, the goofy yet lovable cast member, takes it upon himself to create some new and unique custom shirts for the Pawn Stars’ crew. 


We love Chumlee’s enthusiasm for wanting to design a special shirt, but it seems his plans are often met with unfortunate resistance.

Chumlee designs a shirt that includes a colorful pattern of his company’s logo. When he wishes to purchase the one example shirt, the t-shirt printer wants to charge him over $120.00! Outrageous!

He then decides to try his hand at internet designing, and creates a nice simple text layout of the pawn shop’s name, “Gold & Silver”. This time when he gets the simple design, Silver is spelled wrong and the shirt says Sliver instead, bummer!

We wish Chumlee had chosen for his custom business shirt needs as we always take extra care of our customers, and at a price that wont break the bank.  We love the classic Gold & Silver polos, but if you ever need to change up the wardrobe, be sure to come to us Chum, we will hook you up!

You can watch this Pawn Stars episode and many more at is in no way affiliated with History Chanel, the show Pawn Stars, or the Gold & Silver pawn shop in Las Vegas. We are just fans of the show and always looking to help people in designing the perfect custom shirt. 

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