Design Ideas for Class T-Shirts

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It’s here, finally! Senior year or junior year or even sophomore year and you’re ready to class it up with a personalized tee that expresses your elation from having made it this far.  We’re with you and have prepared some new class t-shirt templates to give you oodles of design ideas for the perfect class t-shirt.

The usage of emblems and royal imagery in U.S. scholastic designs goes back to 1836 as the oldest Ivy League School, Harvard, officially designated the College arms. But in fact, the design including the Latin motto, “VERITAS” dates from as far back as 1644.

Today, it’s unheard of for a school to not have an official seal, motto or simple logo. You can announce your school and class pride with a design of your choice. Look for images in our clipart gallery under the categories of Mascot, Greek and Graduation. You can also search by keywords for additional school t-shirt ideas using words and phrases like badge, banner, coat of arms, crests, crowns, and royalty. Here are a few design ideas to start the creative process at!

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