30 Team Names that will make you Howl with Laughter

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We know that being part of a team is something special so we came up with 30 creative fictional team names! Once you decide upon a team name, don’t forget to order your team sports personalized apparel because everybody loves team swag!

1. The Boston Baked Beans

2. Daytime Legends

3. Couch Carnivores

4. L.A. Shockwaves

5. Kingslayers

6. The Not Noobs

7. Blue Demolition Squad

8. Toxic Talons

9. Spinning Kamikaze Pilots

10. The Death Miners

11. The Banana Peely’s

12. The Fighting Folk Legends

13. The Mexican Jumping Beans

14. Boast Busters

15. Narly Ninjas

16. The Nasty McGees

17. The Mighty Millhouses

18. Killer Cannibals

19. The Deadly Dishwashers

20. Ferocious Felons

21. Skin Flayers

22. Space Trotters

23. The Snapping Turtles

24. The Sasquatchers

25. The Chupacabras

26. Washington Wearwolves

27. Notorious Nutcrackers

28. The Howling Pumpkins

29. The Crazy Cat Ladies

30. The Malicious Martini Makers

Share your ideas for creative and funny sports team names with us!

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