How to Design & Order Family Reunion T-Shirts

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This article has been updated 3/30/2023

Designing Family Reunion T-Shirts

Ordering custom family reunion t-shirts is an exciting experience that adds to the celebratory atmosphere of your family gathering. A great design commemorates the occasion with designs that brothers, sisters, cousins, mothers, and fathers will love wearing, even on everyday trips to the grocery store. Proper design and apparel product choices are crucial for creating the perfect family reunion t-shirts. We’re here to help you with both design and determining the right product for your family. Before we dig into the design compositions you need to know, take comfort in knowing DesignAShirt offers free expert design on all family reunion orders. If the concepts below seem too in-depth, our experts can create a free one-of-kind design for you, by submitting an art request. Also, consider downloading our free Family Reunion checklist to stay organized on your journey. Ok, enough of the shameless plugs, let’s get into it.

The most important design elements for a family reunion t-shirt are:

  • The name of the reunion. This should be prominently displayed on the front of the shirt so that everyone knows what event they are attending.
  • The date and time of the reunion. This should also be prominently displayed, so that everyone knows when to show up.
  • The location of the reunion. This should be included, as well, so that people can find their way to the event.
    A list of family members. This can be a fun way to show off the family tree and to help people connect with their relatives.
  • A fun design or slogan. This can help to make the t-shirt more memorable and to add a touch of personality to the event.

To make sure your family loves the design you’ve created, we have to discuss the principles of good t-shirt design. There are plenty of opinions out there based on the type of t-shirt and the target audience so let’s take it back a notch and view good design through graphic design principles.

Design Principles You Can Use For Custom T-Shirts

Asymmetrical Composition – Have you ever seen a picture where the person in it is not in the middle of the picture? That’s called asymmetry, and it can make the picture more interesting. It’s like when you play a game and add a twist to make it more fun. Photographers use asymmetry to make their pictures look better and not boring. They might ask the person to look to the side or stand off-center to make the picture more balanced and pleasing to look at. When you add asymmetry to a design, it creates visual interest and makes it stand out. This principle applies not only to t-shirt designs but to all forms of creative work.

Asymmetrical Design – Offset Appearance Draws Attention

In fact, many professional photographers use asymmetry to transform their photos by placing their subjects off-center, either to the left or right of the frame. Even in modern professional headshot photography, subjects are often asked to avoid the standard straight-on, full-smile pose to prevent monotony and achieve balance and harmony in the overall composition.

So, when you’re designing a family reunion t-shirt, consider using asymmetry to make it more visually engaging and memorable. You could place the text or images off-center, use different font sizes and styles, or even create an asymmetrical layout. By doing so, you’ll create a design that’s not only unique and interesting but also balanced and harmonious.

With asymmetrical designs, you can call attention to important elements and create movement or action in your design.

Focal Point -What is the main element of your design? You can create a focal point in many ways. Make it larger, or arrange other elements in the design to “point” towards the focal point. You can arrange more details around the focal point and conversely, less detail around the focal point can punctuate it.

Focal Point Design – Attract Attention To The Middle

There are various ways to create a focal point in your design. One way is to make the main element larger than the other elements in your design. This will make it stand out and catch the viewer’s eye. Another way is to arrange other design elements, such as text or images, in a way that directs attention toward the focal point. For example, you can use arrows or lines to point toward the focal point, or you can use other design elements to frame it.

Another way to create a focal point is to use more detail around the focal point and less detail in other areas of the design. This can help to punctuate the focal point and make it stand out even more. Conversely, you can use less detail around the focal point and more detail in other areas of the design to create a sense of balance and harmony.

Color Use – As you plan the design for your family reunion t-shirts, choosing the right color or combination of colors can be critical to its success. In fact, color is one of the most powerful design tools that can convey emotions, evoke memories, and create a sense of unity and harmony among family members.

To begin, it’s important to understand the basics of color theory. There are three color wheels that designers commonly use to guide their color choices: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary color wheel consists of three colors: yellow, blue, and red. These colors cannot be created by mixing other colors together. The secondary color wheel, on the other hand, is created by mixing primary colors. The secondary colors are orange, green, and purple. Tertiary colors are created by mixing a primary color with a secondary color.

The Color Wheel – Choose colors that work together

Once you have a basic understanding of the color wheel, you can begin to explore the emotions and meanings associated with different colors. For example, blue is often associated with trust, loyalty, and peace, while red is associated with passion, excitement, and energy. Green is often associated with growth, nature, and harmony, while yellow is associated with happiness, optimism, and warmth. Consider The Feel Wheel when using a color to convey your message.

The Feel Wheel – Consider How Colors Convey Your Message

When choosing colors for your family reunion t-shirts, consider the message you want to convey and the emotions you want to evoke. You can use colors to represent your family’s heritage or culture, or you can use colors that represent the location or theme of your reunion. You can also use color to create a sense of unity and harmony by choosing colors that complement each other or using a monochromatic color scheme.

Font Pairing – When designing your family reunion t-shirts, it’s important to consider the typography or font choices you make. Pairing fonts in your design can be a powerful tool for creating visual interest and conveying the right message. However, there are some basic design principles that should be followed to ensure that your font choices work well together.

One important principle to consider when pairing fonts is to avoid using two fonts from the same family. While in some cases, you can mix a very heavy face with a thin version for a nice effect, generally, two fonts from the same family tend to look too similar and can create a sense of monotony. Instead, try to pair fonts with different personalities and styles to create contrast and visual interest.

Font Principles – See How Different Fonts Appear Together

Another principle to keep in mind is to avoid using two script fonts together. Script fonts tend to have intricate letterforms and can be difficult to read, especially when used in larger sizes. Additionally, using two script fonts together can create a chaotic and overwhelming design.

It’s also best to avoid pairing two serif fonts together. Serif fonts have small lines or flourishes at the ends of the letters, which can make them look too similar when paired together. Instead, try pairing a serif font with a sans-serif font for a nice contrast.

Finally, it’s best to avoid pairing two fonts with really strong personalities together. These fonts may both be vying for attention and can create a sense of competition or chaos in your design. Instead, try pairing a more dominant font with a more subtle one to create balance and harmony.

Of course, there are always exceptions to these design principles. Some designers have been able to create stunning designs by breaking the rules. The key is to be intentional with your font choices and think about how they work together to create a cohesive and visually appealing design that reflects the spirit of your family reunion.

Subtle But Important Design Concepts For Custom T-Shirts

Alignment – Proper alignment can greatly impact the readability and overall success of your design. There are different alignment options to choose from, such as centered, left, right justified, or varied, and each has its own unique impact on the design.

Centered alignment is often used for headings and titles and creates a symmetrical look that can be visually appealing. Left or right justified alignment can create a more traditional and formal look, and is often used for body text in printed materials. Varied alignment, where text is aligned differently throughout the design, can create a more dynamic and interesting look.

Alignment also refers to how objects are positioned in relation to each other within the design. Proper alignment can impact the flow and movement of your design concept. For example, aligning elements in a grid-like pattern can create a sense of order and structure, while aligning elements in a more fluid manner can create a sense of movement and energy.

Texture – When creating a printed t-shirt design for your family reunion, don’t overlook the design principle of texture. Texture can add depth and interest to your design, and there are several ways to incorporate it.

One way to add texture is through the use of screen printing techniques like halftones and distress printing. Halftones use dots to create the illusion of shading and can add a textured look to your design. Distress printing involves intentionally creating a worn or distressed look to the design, which can give it a unique and vintage feel.

Another way to add texture is through the use of specialty inks like puff inks, glitter, and crystalline. Puff ink expands when exposed to heat, creating a raised, three-dimensional texture on the printed surface. Glitter ink contains glitter particles that create a shimmering, textured effect. Crystalline ink creates a textured, crystalline appearance on the printed surface.

Repetition – Repetition is an important design principle to consider when creating a family reunion t-shirt design. If you plan on using multiple illustrations or designs on your t-shirt, it’s important to keep the overall feel and style consistent.

Using contrasting styles or themes can make the design feel disjointed and confusing. For example, combining a cartoon-inspired illustration with a watercolor-inspired illustration may not work well together. Instead, try to keep the general theme of your art inclusion in the same family, whether it be all cartoon-inspired, all watercolor-inspired, or all in a specific style that ties them together.

Family Reunion Planning

When it comes to ordering custom family reunion t-shirts, there are several additional key aspects you’ll want to consider before placing your order. These include budget and timeline.

Budget – When it comes to ordering custom family reunion t-shirts, budget is an important factor to consider. Most organizers will be working within a specific budget, which can impact the type of t-shirt product chosen, the placement of the print, and the number of colors incorporated in the design.

It’s important to find a balance between quality and cost when choosing a t-shirt product. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, keep in mind that the quality of the t-shirt can impact how long it lasts and how comfortable it is to wear. Consider factors like material, fit, and durability when making your choice.

The placement of the print can also impact the overall cost of the t-shirt. Printing on the front and back of the shirt may be more expensive than printing on just the front. Similarly, using multiple colors in your design can add to the cost of production.

If you’re unsure about which products or design choices will fit within your budget, don’t hesitate to seek out advice from a knowledgeable source like DesignAShirt’s customer service team. We can provide recommendations based on your budget and design preferences to ensure you get the most value for your money.

It’s possible to order an assortment of apparel products at no extra charge beyond the per piece cost if your needs require junior fit, infants, and even curvy products as long as the design remains the same.

Know that, in screen printing, color equates to cost. Each color, or ink application, in the case of specialty inks requires an additional screen. For this reason, when designing, you must cast a balance between design aesthetic and your budget.

Timeline – As a first-time family reunion organizer, you may feel overwhelmed with the timeline of the event. However, you can rest assured that our custom t-shirt printing service offers a quick turnaround time. Once you have confirmed all the details of your order, including artwork, apparel products, and delivery date, we can have your order printed and delivered within 10 days. It’s important to note that if you require a proof, you will need to approve it before we can start production, so factor in some extra time for that step. Additionally, we understand that budget is a concern, so we offer affordable options to fit your needs. As mentioned at the top of this article, our free Family Reunion Checklist can help you stay organized and can be downloaded to your computer or phone.

Family reunion logo styles – Family reunion logo styles can vary widely and can include text-focused designs with interesting typography, or designs that incorporate a lot of digital art. Many families choose to base their designs on a specific theme related to the location of their event or a holiday that coincides with it. However, it is important to be aware of trademark and copyright laws when using themes based on popular TV shows, movies, games, or books to avoid infringing on protected property. For example, using Disney characters like Mickey Mouse is not allowed and ethical t-shirt printers will not print such designs. You can view all of our pre-designed family reunion templates in our Idea Gallery.

Placing Your Order

When you are ready to place your order for custom family reunion t-shirts, we offer you a few options:

Products: You can customize any product from our product pages. If you prefer to start with a product, shop customizable styles and choose your favorite before you design!

Design Studio: Create your own design in our online Design Studio. Choose from clipart, custom fonts, or upload your art. If you enjoy the process of designing, the Design Studio makes it easy.

T-Shirt Concierge: Have one of our professional artists create a one-of-a-kind family reunion design to commemorate your event. Our team can work to create something truly unique for your event. This service is free!

Idea Gallery: Start with a pre-designed family reunion design template and make it your own. You can add elements, change fonts, and more.

Contact Us: Need help placing your order? Our staff is here to help.

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