T-Shirt Mods – From Drab to Fab

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In the 80’s, Madonna’s “Lucky Star” video shocked the world as she twirled her crop top exposed bare midriff into super stardom and started a modification frenzy. The 90’s saw much of the same as nary an intact t-shirt was to be found on the grunge gods of old. T-shirt modification is now mainstream, and depending on your bank account, you can buy a ridiculous looking “distressed” designer t-shirt that looks like something the Salvation Army would reject or you make a your own super stylish modified t-shirt for a fraction of the price.

Salina Siu is a present day YouTube star with a staggering 96,922 followers and over 12 million views. One of her claims to fame is DIY tutorials on cut up t-shirts and other clothing modifications. Her tutorials are very simple and the best thing of all is you don’t need to know how to sew, just how to use scissors.

One of our favorite designs is featured in one of her oldest videos. Start by cutting the neck of the t-shirt into a boat neck, and then fold the t-shirt loosely in half but leave a little gap so you don’t accidentally cut the front half too. If you have a design on the front, which of course you do because you used our design studio to create an awesome custom tee, leave the design on the inside of the fold.

Decide how wide you want the top of the V to be by placing the ruler at an angle as you make the slits. Leaving the ruler on the t-shirt as you make the slits will also ensure that the slits are even. How much space you leave between slits will determine the overall look but for this video, Salina suggest about the width of your pinky. 

After you’ve made all of your slits, open the t-shirt up and pull each string taught individually. This will causes the edges to roll and produce a slinky look. Weaving the strings together is a bit more complicated but Salina shares a tutorial here.

The final product is a one of a kind modification that fits your one of a kind custom t-shirt design from DesignAShirt.com. Special thanks to Salina Siu for creating awesome tutorials on how to stylize t-shirts and keeping t-shirt mods alive and well. Be sure to check out all of her customization tutorials on her YouTube channel.


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