Getting Sample Prints for Custom T-Shirts

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Placing a large screen printing order with a new company can be intimidating. If you’re not sure about the quality of the screen printer or you just want to make sure your design is going to look the way you intended, getting sample prints for custom t-shirts is an option.


Screen printing custom t-shirts is the preferred method for larger orders and designs that are more simplistic. Although, ordering a test print without having a conversation with a screen printer first will likely result in the “test” print being a digital print. We need to know that your intention is to evaluate a large run order. While digital printing is a great way to sample the t-shirt product and the reliability of the printer and their service, a digital print is quite different from a screen print.

You’ll also be restricted by the type of t-shirt product you can use when going for a digital print. The screen printing process opens up a lot of options for apparel products like performance wear, and soft cotton polyester blends. Digital printing must be done on 100% cotton.

There are several options for screen printed tests that may alleviate anxiety when spending a lot of money. The first option is the digital print, just with the understanding that digital printing is not going to be as vibrant or long lasting as a screen print would be, nor will it feel the same. And you may not have the option to receive the test on the product you ultimately want.

digital printing

Another option is to get a proof of the very first shirt printed while in production. With high photo quality capability and instant messaging, this is a very reasonable option. However, since the press will be setup and other jobs in queue, getting feedback immediately is essential. Upon approval, we proceed with the rest of the order. If you decide you want to make changes, pricing and delivery time could change.

To see the shirt in person, there is the option of the first shirt shipped overnight. Similar to the option of the first photo proof, we would need feedback within one hour of receipt of the shirt and there is a $25 fee tacked on for the overnight shipping. However you’ll be able to evaluate the print in person to ensure the colors, design, and print quality are exact to your specification.

The final option that does not limit approval to a timeframe is to have one shirt screen printed. You’ll be able to gauge the quality of the print, the apparel product, and the design at your leisure. This option is good for large organizations that may have multiple people or even a committee involved. This choice also works well for brands that offer printed apparel for resale. Assaying the final product is critical for the integrity of the business.

Ordering a single screen printed t-shirt for a proof starts at $50 and goes up depending on your design. While it’s not the most price conscious choice, should you choose to move forward with the full bulk order, we credit back some of the purchase price of the sample toward your bulk order.

We understand trying a new printer requires some time to build trust, especially if you’re a reseller. In that regard we understand it’s a lot easier to sell again to a satisfied customer than to acquire a new one. To that end, we will work carefully to grow a relationship that will result in confidence and assurance of the end product.

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