14 Great Sorority Slogans For T-Shirts

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If you’re looking for sorority slogans to put on a t-shirt, we’ve got solutions for your chapter. Choose from any of the slogans below or create your custom sorority t-shirt for Bid Day, Dad Day, Recruitment, or Philanthropy. Our T-Shirt Concierge™ service offers your free expert design on any custom sorority T-shirt. Need inspiration for your sorority t-shirts? Our Idea Gallery contains dozens of sorority related templates you can customize. Check out our latest slogans below or jump below to view templates you can use today!

Slogans That Unite: The Power of Custom Sorority Apparel

It’s our mission to help you continuously engage active members and welcome new ones into the sisterhood. One fantastic way to do that is through custom apparel that showcases your unique identity, values, and camaraderie. We’re excited to introduce you to a collection of captivating slogans that can be featured on your chapter’s t-shirts. These slogans aren’t just words; they’re a representation of our shared experiences, goals, and the unwavering bond we share.

1. “I Understood The Assignment” This playful and relatable slogan shows that your sisterhood is all about support and understanding. It’s a humorous way of saying, “We’re in this together.”

2. “It is the Sisterhood For Me” Express your heartfelt connection with this slogan that emphasizes the significance of sisterhood in your life. It’s not just a choice; it’s a beautiful reality.

3. “There Is Strength In Sisterhood” Remind everyone of the unbreakable bond that exists within our sorority. We draw strength from each other, making you a powerful force to be reckoned with.

4. “Sister: I’ll Be There For You” This slogan encapsulates the support and loyalty we offer to one another. Just like the lyrics of a cherished song, your sisters are always there.

5. “My Sister Is A (insert chapter here)” Personalize your t-shirts with this slogan, proudly showcasing your chapter’s name. It’s a way to celebrate and represent your unique identity within the larger sorority community.

6. “Not Sisters By Blood But Sisters By Heart” This slogan beautifully encapsulates the essence of your sisterhood. We may not be connected by blood, but our hearts beat as one.

7. “A Diamond In A Rhinestone World” Emphasize the uniqueness of your sorority with this sparkling slogan. We shine bright even in a world full of ordinary gems.

8. “Stand In Our Shoes Or Walk In Our Shadows” Invite others to understand your journey and experiences, both the bright moments and the challenges. This slogan encourages empathy and solidarity.

9. “These Are The Years. This Is The Sorority” Highlight the transformative years of college life and the sorority that enriches them. These moments are irreplaceable, and our sisterhood makes them even more memorable.

10. “Add A Chapter To Your Life” Promote the idea that joining our sorority isn’t just a choice; it’s an enriching chapter in one’s life story.

11. “Based On Being Different” Our sorority thrives on diversity, and this slogan celebrates the uniqueness of each member. We’re united by our differences.

12. “We Are All Made Of Stars” Inspire awe and wonder with this slogan, emphasizing that each sister shines brightly and contributes to the brilliance of our sorority.

13. “Sorority Redefined” Reinforce the idea that our sorority is not just a group; it’s a redefinition of friendship, support, and empowerment.

14. “From Greek, To Great” Emphasize the transformation and growth that occurs within our sisterhood. We start as individuals but become great together.

These slogans serve as a powerful means to engage members, old and new. Whether you’re looking for unity, humor, or empowerment, these slogans can be woven into your custom sorority apparel, reminding everyone of the extraordinary sisterhood you share. In our Design Studio, you can easily incorporate these slogans into your t-shirt designs, or you can take advantage of our T-Shirt Concierge™ service to have our expert designers create unique and eye-catching designs for you. So, embrace the power of these slogans, celebrate your sorority, and continue to strengthen the bond that makes us extraordinary.

Sorority Design Inspiration

Officially Licensed. More Than Greek.

Looking to print merch for your favorite college? DesignAShirt is continually growing our licensed colleges. Here are a few you may recognize. Contact us to see if we can print for your college.

Alpha Epsilon Pi
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Kappa Sigma
National Charity League
Phi Sigma Rho
Pi Alpha Phi
Sigma Nu
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Theta Chi
Theta Tau

Ready To Design Your Own? Watch Our Design Studio Tutorial.

Promoting Your Sorority

Sororities hold a significant place in the tapestry of college life, bringing women together from small local chapters to expansive national organizations. This longstanding tradition of sisterhood has evolved over generations, and so has the art of sorority apparel design. As we’ve seen sororities grow, so too have the possibilities for print styles and methods.

Gone are the days when basic and outdated sorority apparel sufficed. Step up and make a statement with custom Greek shirts and sweaters that reflect the unique spirit and character of your sorority.

At DesignAShirt, we understand the importance of crafting sorority apparel that not only looks fantastic but also leaves a lasting impression. Our T-Shirt Concierge™ is here to bring your vision to life. We’re not just about creating shirts and sweaters; we’re about crafting experiences. Our team of expert designers is dedicated to working with you to create fresh, innovative designs that set your sorority apparel apart. Whether you’re looking to convey the values and traditions that have bound your sisters together or to make a bold and memorable statement on campus, we’ve got you covered.

With DesignAShirt, you’re not just getting custom t-shirts; you’re getting a canvas for your sorority’s story, one that will be worn with pride by all who share in your sisterhood. Design your custom sorority apparel with us and take a step toward creating a lasting legacy that showcases the strength, unity, and individuality of your sorority.

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