15 Inspiring Sorority Slogans

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This post has been updated: 7/22/22

If you’re in charge of team building for your sorority chapter, a unique slogan could be the thing to create a sense of unity.  We’ve come up with 15 sorority slogans for you to use or build off of as you craft the perfect slogan to inspire your sorority sisters. Let us know what you think. We would love to hear your ideas too! View more predesigned templates in our Sorority Idea Gallery.

1)    Making The Most Of Right Now
2)    Where Leaders Are Born
3)    We Make Our Own Way
4)    Inside Beats The Heart Of A Champion
5)    You’re Going To Hear Us Roar
6)    Pledges With Gilt Edges
7)    The Sorority With The Authority
8)    If It’s Good, It’s Got Greek Written All Over It
9)    We Are What’s Next
10)    As We Believe, So We Become
11)    We Don’t Chase Dreams…We Run Them Down!
12)    If Runner-up Is Good Enough For You, Get Behind Me
13)    We Believe In Each Other
14)    We’re Bringing Spicy Back
15)    Don’t Hope For It, Work For It

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