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Reading Time 5 min

According to the CDC, breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States. With the overall risk at 13%, the odds are 1 in 8 that a woman may be affected in their lifetime. Chances are, you may know someone affected by breast cancer. Men are also affected, with a 1 in 833 chance of developing breast cancer. Early detection can saves lives and awareness is key for support, as well as prevention. How can you support breast cancer awareness?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You will find many breast cancer fundraising events, community walks, and pink ribbons appearing in October. At DesignAShirt, our customers often take part in all of these type of events with their own custom t-shirts. This article on 10 Ways To Get Involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, by Start Center For Cancer Care, offers suggestions to get started with volunteering ideas. Scroll down for our top three awareness options, when creating custom Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts.

Ways To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Wear Pink – The pink ribbon is well known as a icon to represent breast cancer. You may have heard “think pink” in regards to Breast Cancer Awareness Month (side note, this term is subject to licensing when creating custom apparel). You can show support with pink in your design, print color, or apparel. Here are a few popular styles that show off the iconic pink color. You can customize any of these designs.

Volunteer – Your time is a valuable offering to any organization supporting breast cancer. Volunteer t-shirts are another popular way to help identify staff at any event, like walks and runs. makes finding walking and running events easy with their online list of events. Our article on How To Purchase Event Shirts In 10 Steps gives you a step-by-step process to tie in custom merch with any event. If you want an expert design but are not sure where to get started, consider our T-Shirt Concierge™ service. Our professional graphic artists can create a polished design for your volunteer or event t-shirts. The service is fast and free. Click on any design below to begin.

Create Your Own Fundraiser – Looking to get involved beyond being a volunteer? You can show support by creating your own fundraising event for someone you know or to raise money for an established cause. has written an article on 11 Simple Ways to Raise Money for a Nonprofit. You may find that you’ve found new purpose thought the process and want to make fundraising your main focus. Our customer, Impact One, has done just that and has created a cause that focuses on comfort. Their mission states:

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for female breast cancer fighters. Our Impact One circle believes that no woman should have to battle cancer alone. Our program is designed to make sure you get proper support, products, and resources that will help eliminate some of the financial burdens. The most important thing we want to give you is our friendship.

– Impact One

Impact One participates in local events and has created a fundraising store that raises money to support their efforts and spreads awareness with high quality apparel. DesignAShirt is a proud partner with Impact One and we encourage you to take a look at their efforts in improving the lives of survivors.

Choosing A Breast Cancer Awareness Design For Custom Shirts

Support comes in many ways. How about a design that suits your efforts? Our Idea Gallery features hundreds of pre-designed templates you can customize to fit your needs. Our Breast Cancer Awareness templates make it easy to create your own custom t-shirts today including no minimum t-shirt options. You can view the entire gallery here.

Have questions or want your own custom design? Our customer service is here to to help, including custom decoration like embroidery. Contact us today at or by phone at 888-487-4478.

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