7 Ways T-shirts can Make You Rich

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Believe it or not, t-shirts make the news on a daily basis. We believe it’s because t-shirts are like modern day bumper stickers, except they require far less commitment. Some t-shirts slogans, while not meant to make people rich, are provocative and help to support awareness campaigns like Black Lives Matter. Some concepts catch fire and start a trend like the face flip up reversible tee. And who can forget the social firestorm from the
Inception t-shirt war. between Macauley Culking and Ryan Gosling? Websites just for inception tees were launched! T-shirts, or rather the slogan or ideas printed on them are capable of creating very lucrative situations depending on how and where the concept behind them is executed. Here are 7 ways t-shirts can make you rich however imaginative.

  1. Looking to land that new job? Send personalized t-shirts to employers. It’s way more memorable than a thank you note and much more creative than a box of cookies. This idea might be specific to some industries, like creative work, apparel design, promoters, or any casual employer. Don’t get too creepy though like stalking you’re interviewer on Facebook. It’s much better to observe their office décor to get a sense of their personality.


    If they will be your direct manager, a funny industry saying or something specific to the job role might delight them and keep you top of mind. Did you ever hear of the guy that wore a red t-shirt underneath his suit that said, “Hire me, I work hard?” He got the job. Of course whether you’re a success or not will be all about the design or message of the t-shirt.

    Looking for a job as a screen printer? Why not showcase your mad printing skills by printing your resume on a t-shirt? There’s no better way to exhibit your potential than pulling off a flawless print with a lot of lettering.

  2. Advertising your business with t-shirts is a very effective way to spread the word especially for a startup company that needs to advertise to a specific crowd. Think about who your ideal customer would be and plan your strategy around creating a t-shirt slogan and logo that will appeal to them. Enough to make them want to wear your shirt. If you’re marketing to millennials, great news, it’s the generation that seriously loves t-shirts. But keep in mind they are likely to be more conscientious of the fabric, fit, and design. Consider printing your custom t-shirts on eco-friendly products. This generation is also consistently online, so if your design has a curiosity element, you’re a Snapchat away from getting them to research your company.


    Giving your shirts away for free is of course a practically guaranteed way they’ll get seen but have you ever considered paying college students to wear your t-shirts around campus? Most college age kids are happy with pizza and beer money so it’s an avenue to consider. Of course, giving t-shirts to your employees, friends, and family helps. Wear your own t-shirt and don’t be shy to use wording like, “ask me about so-and-so” or “what’s the big deal about so-and-so” product or service. It’s an advertising trick that’s worked for decades.

  3. Being an incredible t-shirt designer is a tough one. Let’s face it, this is one saturated market. Anybody can design a shirt and offer it for sale these days. And even if you’re a great designer, being a designer and full-time marketer with a big dash of crazy luck is what it’s going to take to succeed.

    There are of course really notable exceptions like Johnny Cupcakes. What makes this business different? It’s an idea within and idea. T-shirts displayed, marketed, and themed around pastry. It’s brilliant and obviously resonates well with the target audience.


    designer on sites like Dribble,Upwork, and 99 Designs. Offer designs you’ve made for fictional businesses up for sale with an explanation that you will customize it to the potential client’s business. As your portfolio of incredible t-shirt designs grows, so will your customer base.

    Another way to make money as a t-shirt designer is to specialize in a specific type of client. People love niche artistry and they feel more confident in you as a designer because you can showcase yourself as someone that really understands their social or business vertical.


    For example, go after the fit crowd with designs for gyms, yoga studios and fitness competitions. Another example would be a specialty in bar in pub designs. Yet another is specialty design work for Greek life. Some verticals will require special licensing like the Greek example so you’ll want to include that extra cost in your quotes.

    Working closely with a custom t-shirt printer that has experience in collegiate and Greek licensing is highly recommended. But there is a lot of money to be made in that area so you may find it worthwhile to invest more for a bigger return.

  4. Supporting your client as a professional promoter entails a lot of different types of advertising but how far can you take small budget clients with t-shirts? Custom t-shirts for any event or party are one of the most basic and low cost advertising you can offer. Your client will appreciate that you have ideas that don’t cost a ton and have a life even after the event is over. What other advertising can do that? Using t-shirts as souvenirs or party favors basically ensures the memorability of your client. With tactics like this, your reputation will increase along with your bank account.

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  6. Getting elected with custom political t-shirts may not make you rich overnight but it’s an excellent way to take you down a path of notability. Along with your stance on difficult debate topics, t-shirts unite your base of supporters. It will be quite a long time before people forget the Donald Trump slogan, “Make American Great Again,” or Hillary Clinton’s “I’m with Her.” Although these slogans are meant to embody the entire campaign ideologies, they make great content for t-shirts and other promotional materials. After you’ve won and done your civic duty as an elected official, the speaking fees will flood in.

  7. Win the Price is Right Game Show with a custom t-shirt message. Half the battle of getting picked to “come on down” is catching the eye of the official contestant picker. An article revealed that getting picked is not random. It’s actually based on enthusiasm and energy. Wearing a custom t-shirt that expresses your enthusiasm weighted with your winning smile and perky demeanor is one way to hear your name called. Winning the showcases and making it to the final round is all up to you.

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  9. Start a movement with custom t-shirts as your method of influence. Social entrepreneurship is as hot as it gets. Combining the concept of doing social good with a for profit model might seem contradictory, but if the motive and the business are aligned and complement each other, why not use the market to drive positive change? Spreading your organizations message with custom t-shirts is a type of word of mouth advertising. When your supporters feel good about their investment with the company, they literally will want to show it. Driving interest in your business through all avenues is the name of the game. Think of ways to communicate your message with an expressive slogan or even a single word. And that’s how t-shirts can make your rich.

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