Holiday Gift Guide For Custom T-Shirts & Apparel – 2023

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Personalized Holiday Gifts For Anyone On Your List

In the season of giving, knowing what gifts mean the most to your family, work teams, or friends can be a real challenge. There are many great reasons for gifting custom apparel with DesignAShirt (affordability, ease of design, and free shipping) but the most popular reason is that personalized gifts simply have a greatest impact. It’s the reason personalized gifts sell, on average, for 40% higher than non-personalized gifts. It’s no secret that inflation stands to impact holiday shoppers in 2023. Nerd Wallet projects 74% of shoppers will use credit cards this season, with 31% of last years shoppers still holding balances from last year. Consumers want options that do not require big spending to impress, without sacrificing impact or value. Experience unbeatable value with most single custom t-shirt orders priced under $30, accompanied by free shipping. Enjoy the benefits of personalization without exorbitant mark-ups. Discover our top affordable custom apparel recommendations in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, and keep scrolling for diverse gift ideas that cater to every name on your list

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Free Expert Design For Custom T-Shirt Gifts

What’s The Big Deal With Personalized Gifts, Anyway?

Beyond the thoughtfulness of traditional gifts, custom gifts add a constant reminder of the person who gifted them (that’s you). When it comes to gifting impact, a personalized t-shirt offers utility (can be worn year round), affordability (single t-shirts are under $30, shipped), and meaningfulness (you can make them for anyone on your list). This is why a whopping 85% of shoppers say they plan on making it personal this year. If you’ve made it this far, you know custom apparel is affordable and meaningful, but what about creating your design? Is it difficult? Do you need to be a design expert? Can you do it from your phone?

Don’t let the fear of being a great designer hold you back when it comes to personalized gifts. In fact, you can skip our Design Studio completely and let us do the designing for you with T-Shirt Concierge™. Our team of design experts are available to you at no additional charge. Our design form only takes a few minutes and can be done from your phone. With T-Shirt Concierge™ you are a great designer!

How Do I Know What T-Shirt To Order?

Before we jump into design ideas. Let’s talk about the products. When you are designing something as personal as apparel, ordering the correct sizing is just as important as your design! Our Customer Service department are experts at guiding you to the right product size and materials. Many years ago, t-shirts were only available in 100% cotton and sizing left few options. Today, many popular custom apparel brands now offer form fitting styles and improved material blends for a softer feel. This doesn’t complicate your options, it makes it easier to pick the right product. Despite what you may already know about brands, know that they are often hoping to reach new audiences with different products.

Our customizable products feature size ranges and garment weights (light to heavy). If a form fitting silhouette is your goal, go for light. For a heavier t-shirt that drapes without contouring to every curve, choose heavy. We’ve provided popular styles for you to make the process even easier. If you are designing online with our design studio, you can choose any product you prefer. Have questions? Reach out to us anytime.

Hanes Authentic T-Shirt
  • Classic short-sleeve t-shirt
  • Made by Hanes, a well-known clothing brand
  • Available in various colors
  • Regular fit
  • Suitable for screen printing and customization
  • Affordable pricing
Bella + Canvas Triblend Tee
  • Unisex triblend short-sleeve t-shirt
  • Made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Modern fit with a tailored look
  • Available in various colors
Bella + Canvas Long Sleeve Tee
  • A long-sleeve unisex thermal t-shirt
  • Made from a blend of cotton and polyester
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Available in various colors
  • Modern fit with a tailored appearance
  • Suitable for layering and cooler weather
Hanes Ultimate Hoodie
  • Pullover hoodie with draw strings
  • Made by Hanes, a reputable clothing brand
  • Available in various colors
  • Features a front kangaroo pocket
  • Ideal for casual and athletic wear
  • Comfortable and warm
Bella + Canvas Ladies Tee
  • Women’s relaxed jersey short-sleeve t-shirt
  • Made from high-quality jersey fabric
  • Relaxed fit for a comfortable and casual look
  • Available in various colors
  • Ideal for everyday wear and customization
  • Complements a wide range of outfits
Next Level Youth Crew
  • Premium short-sleeve crew neck t-shirt
  • Made by Next Level, known for its quality
  • Available in various colors
  • Constructed with a soft and comfortable fabric
  • Tailored fit for a stylish look
  • Great for casual wear

Personalized Gifts For Family Members

Whether your family dynamic is heartwarmingly close or occasionally resembles the quirky humor of the Adams Family (snap snap), we’ve curated unique custom apparel ideas to make you the favorite among your clan:

1. Showcase Family Photos: Embrace those cherished family photos tucked away in your camera roll. Transform images from family reunions or vacations into custom apparel that not only preserves precious memories but also creates an extraordinary gift for your entire family.

2. Honor a Loved One’s Memory: In times of loss, designing custom apparel that pays tribute to a departed loved one can be a thoughtful gesture. Whether it’s a photo design, a beloved quote, or a meaningful lyric, these custom creations become a subtle yet impactful way to honor their memory.

3. Share Exciting Family News: Expecting an addition to the family in 2023? Consider announcement shirts featuring the future titles of your family members (think Grampy, Nana, Auntie, etc.). It’s a delightful and memorable way to share your joyous news with loved ones.

4. Reference an Inside Joke: Families are often repositories of enduring inside jokes. Now is the perfect time to utilize those cherished humorous moments and turn them into custom tees that will bring smiles to your family’s faces every time they put them on.

Custom apparel offers a unique avenue to celebrate family bonds, create lasting memories, and share life’s milestones. Explore these ideas to find the perfect personalized gift or outfit that reflects your family’s unique spirit and makes you the family hero.

It’s easy to underestimate the value of personalization. You can make 2023 a gift giving year to remember with any of our hundreds of customizable templates. Including collections such as Athletic, Businesses, Events, Government, Greek, Holidays, Military, Miscellaneous, Non-Profit / Charity, Religious, and Schools. If you need support with a custom design, submit a free art request.

Personalized Gifts For Grandparents

Grandparents, the guardians of family traditions and the bearers of wisdom, deserve to be celebrated in a special way. Custom t-shirts and sweatshirts offer the perfect canvas for capturing the essence of their love. Whether it’s a heartfelt message, a family tree design, personalized grandkids’ names, a cherished photo collage, or matching “Grandma” and “Grandpa” attire, these custom pieces become more than just clothing; they become tokens of the enduring bond between generations. Every time grandparents wear these garments, they’re reminded of the love that surrounds them, warming their hearts and making them feel truly cherished. Is grandpa big on grilling? Is grandma an avid book reader? No matter their passion, we can create a design for them. Here are 10 great ideas for you next custom t-shirt for grandma or grandpa.

  1. Family Tree: Design a custom t-shirt featuring a beautifully illustrated family tree with the names of all the family members, highlighting the role of grandparents as the roots of the family.
  2. Grandparent Names: Create personalized t-shirts with endearing names that grandchildren use to address their grandparents, such as “Nana,” “Papa,” “Gramps,” or “Grammy.”
  3. Grandchildren’s Names: Feature the names of all the grandchildren on the t-shirt, celebrating the joy of being a grandparent.
  4. Grandparents’ Birthdays: Design t-shirts that display the birthdates of the grandparents, making it a special reminder of their significance in the family.
  5. Favorite Quotes: Use a favorite quote or saying of the grandparents that holds special meaning, whether it’s a piece of advice, a humorous quip, or words of wisdom.
  6. Handprints or Footprints: Capture the handprints or footprints of the grandchildren in a creative and colorful design, symbolizing the lasting impact of their presence.
  7. Family Vacation Memory: Create a t-shirt with a design inspired by a memorable family vacation, including elements from the destination or a particular adventure.
  8. Custom Caricatures: Turn the grandparents into fun and endearing caricatures on the t-shirt, adding a touch of humor and personality.
  9. Vintage Family Photos: Digitize and print an old family photo from a bygone era on the t-shirt, evoking nostalgia and treasured memories.
  10. Generational Timeline: Design a t-shirt that showcases a timeline of significant family milestones, from the grandparents’ wedding day to the birth of each grandchild, capturing the evolution of the family over time.
Proud Gammy
World’s Best Great-Grandpa
Grandparent In Training

No Minimum T-Shirt Recommendations For Grandparents

Hanes Authentic Short Sleeve T-Shirt or Hanes Authentic Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Personalized Gifts For Parents

Parents, the guiding forces of the family unit and the embodiment of unwavering love, deserve to be celebrated in a manner that reflects their unique essence. Custom t-shirts and sweatshirts provide the perfect canvas to capture the essence of their devotion. Whether it’s an affectionate message, a symbol of the family unit, personalized with their children’s names, a collage of cherished family moments, or even matching “Mom” and “Dad” attire, these custom pieces transcend mere clothing; they become tangible tokens of the everlasting bond within the family. Every time parents don these customized garments, they’re enveloped in the love that encircles them, warming their hearts and making them feel genuinely appreciated. Here are 10 inspiring ideas for custom apparel for mom and dad.

  1. “Super Parents”: Design a custom t-shirt with a superhero theme, featuring your parents as the superheroes of the family. You can add capes, masks, and their superhero names.
  2. “Best Cooks in Town”: Celebrate your parents’ culinary skills with a t-shirt featuring cooking-related designs, such as chef hats, utensils, and their signature dishes.
  3. “Family Adventure Seekers”: Create a t-shirt that embodies your family’s love for adventure, featuring elements like mountains, tents, and travel destinations, showcasing your parents’ role as the adventurous leaders.
  4. “Our First Home”: Design a t-shirt with an illustration of the family’s first home, creating a nostalgic tribute to where your parents raised the family.
  5. “Family Fitness Gurus”: If your parents are fitness enthusiasts, design a t-shirt with workout-related graphics, highlighting their dedication to a healthy lifestyle.
  6. “Bookworm Parents”: Feature a stack of books, reading glasses, or a cozy reading nook on the t-shirt to celebrate your parents’ love for literature and reading.
  7. “Home Gardeners”: Create a t-shirt with illustrations of flowers, plants, and gardening tools, showcasing your parents’ passion for gardening and nurturing life.
  8. “Parents’ Getaway”: Design a t-shirt with a beach or vacation theme to celebrate your parents’ well-deserved vacations and relaxation time.
  9. “Movie Buffs”: If your parents are movie enthusiasts, design a t-shirt featuring iconic film elements like popcorn, film reels, and cinema seats.
  10. “Musical Maestros”: Celebrate your parents’ musical talents with a t-shirt featuring musical notes, instruments, or a stage, highlighting their role as the family’s musicians.
Proud Father Since 2015
Mama Bird
The Step Father Who Stepped Up

No Minimum T-Shirt Recommendations For Parents

Next Level Unisex Tee or Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Crew

Personalized Gifts For Children

Custom apparel for kids can be a powerful way to enhance a child’s experience at school, with friends, and in various activities. Personalized clothing allows children to express their unique personalities, interests, and sense of belonging. Whether it’s a fun design that sparks conversations with friends, school spirit wear that fosters a sense of community, or a t-shirt celebrating a beloved hobby, custom apparel gives kids a chance to stand out, connect with others, and boost their confidence. Here are ten creative custom t-shirt themes for kids, designed to make their clothing not just a fabric but a canvas for self-expression and joy.

  1. “Science Enthusiast”: Create a t-shirt featuring scientific symbols, planets, or lab equipment to celebrate a child’s love for all things science and exploration.
  2. “Artistic Genius”: Design a t-shirt showcasing colorful paint palettes, brushes, or imaginative artwork, highlighting a child’s creative talents and passion for art.
  3. “Sports Star”: Celebrate a child’s favorite sport or team with a t-shirt that features sports equipment, jerseys, or the colors and logo of their chosen team.
  4. “Animal Lover”: Create a t-shirt with adorable animal illustrations or paw prints to reflect a child’s deep connection with the animal kingdom.
  5. “Little Explorer”: Feature a design with maps, compasses, and adventure-themed graphics, celebrating a child’s curiosity for exploration and travel.
  6. “Bookworm Kid”: Showcase a t-shirt with books, reading glasses, or an imaginative library scene, celebrating a child’s love for reading and learning.
  7. “Music Prodigy”: Celebrate a child’s musical talents with a t-shirt featuring musical notes, instruments, or a stage, showcasing their role as the family’s musician.
  8. “Little Chef”: Design a t-shirt that features culinary elements like chef hats, utensils, and delicious dishes, celebrating a child’s interest in cooking and food.
  9. “Nature Lover”: Create a t-shirt with illustrations of trees, animals, and outdoor scenery, reflecting a child’s passion for the great outdoors.
  10. “Future Astronaut”: Feature a t-shirt with cosmic designs, rockets, and stars, celebrating a child’s dream of exploring the universe.

Note: Did you know we were featured on the news for kids t-shirts? During the pandemic we helped give kids (and parents) something fun to do by having them email us their hand drawn artwork, which we put on a t-shirt. Upload your child’s art into our Design Studio to give them a one-of-a-kind gift they can wear with pride.

Only Child Big Brother
I Love My Dad
Class Designs

No Minimum T-Shirt Recommendations For Kids

Next Level Unisex Tee or Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Crew

Work Gifts For Employees and Clients: Building Bonds Beyond Business

Work Gifts For Employees and Clients: Building Bonds Beyond Business

Gift giving extends its warmth and significance to your professional relationships as well. Whether it’s expressing gratitude towards dedicated employees or showing appreciation to valued clients, the act of gifting creates a sense of community and strengthens connections. Branded merchandise not only promotes your business but also serves as a reminder of your appreciation. Here are three popular items that make ideal gifts for your team or customers, fostering goodwill and goodwill. Simply click on the items below to request more information. Act now, as lead times may vary by product.

  1. Custom Company Apparel: Outfit your team or clients in branded custom apparel. From t-shirts and polo shirts to hoodies and jackets, personalized clothing is not only a practical gift but also a walking billboard for your brand.
  2. Custom Promotional Items: Choose from a range of promotional products such as custom mugs, pens, or tote bags. These items are not only useful but also reinforce your brand’s presence in your clients’ or employees’ daily lives.
  3. Personalized Gifts: Elevate your gift-giving with personalized items like engraved business card holders, desk organizers, or high-quality leather portfolios. These thoughtful gifts convey professionalism and appreciation.

Our T-Shirt Concierge™ is here to assist you in finding the perfect holiday gifting solution. Strengthen your professional relationships and leave a lasting impression this season. Act now to ensure timely delivery, as lead times may vary by product. See sample items below and click on any product to submit a product request.

Holiday Design Templates: Transform Every Occasion into a Celebration

As the holiday season approaches, why not make each festive occasion truly unforgettable with custom t-shirt designs? Our curated collection of holiday-inspired templates is designed to add that extra spark to your celebrations. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any other special day, we’ve got you covered. Explore our full range of designs in our Idea Gallery or click on the links below to discover more options for each holiday. Get ready to spread the holiday cheer and make lasting memories with our custom t-shirt designs.

Thanksgiving T-Shirt Designs: Celebrate in Style

Give thanks and gather ’round the table with custom Thanksgiving t-shirt designs that make the holiday truly special. From the Turkey Trot to the festive Turkey Dinner, our gallery boasts a wide range of themes to choose from. Whether you prefer t-shirts, hoodies, or other apparel, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to customize and create unforgettable Thanksgiving attire.

10 Custom Thanksgiving T-Shirt Ideas:

  1. Grateful Hearts: Feature a design with the words “Grateful” and “Thankful” in a stylish, elegant font, reflecting the spirit of the holiday.
  2. Turkey Trot Finisher: Celebrate a family tradition of participating in a Turkey Trot race with custom t-shirts that proudly display “Turkey Trot Finisher.”
  3. Family Recipe: Create a t-shirt with a handwritten family recipe, like Grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, for a unique and sentimental touch.
  4. Thanksgiving Puns: Showcase playful and clever Thanksgiving-themed puns, such as “Gobble ‘Til You Wobble” or “Talk Turkey to Me.”
  5. Autumn Leaves: Embrace the beauty of the fall season with a design featuring colorful autumn leaves, symbolizing the changing seasons.
  6. Custom Family Crest: Design a personalized family crest that represents your unique family traditions and values.
  7. Thanksgiving Football: For those who enjoy a game of touch football after the feast, create t-shirts featuring a football design and “Turkey Bowl” text.
  8. Classic Cornucopia: Celebrate the traditional symbol of abundance with a cornucopia design overflowing with harvest fruits and vegetables.
  9. Holiday Doodles: Create a whimsical t-shirt with hand-drawn Thanksgiving doodles, such as turkeys, pumpkins, and cornucopias.
  10. Feast Mode: Playfully reference the Thanksgiving feast with a “Feast Mode” t-shirt design, perfect for the food enthusiasts at your gathering.

Order by Nov 13th for free delivery just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving in style. Make your holiday extra special with these custom t-shirt ideas that reflect the spirit of gratitude and togetherness.

Hanukkah Custom T-Shirt Designs: Illuminate the Celebration

While Hanukkah is known as the “Festival of Lights,” you can make it even brighter with your very own custom t-shirt. Personalize any of the designs below or let us craft a unique one for you to honor and celebrate Jewish heritage.

10 Creative Hanukkah T-Shirt Ideas:

  1. “Festival of Lights”: Embrace the essence of Hanukkah with a t-shirt featuring a menorah and the words “Festival of Lights.”
  2. “Dreidel Fun”: Design t-shirts with colorful spinning dreidels and playful Hanukkah greetings.
  3. “Latkes Love”: Celebrate the joy of latkes with a t-shirt that showcases golden potato pancakes and a festive message.
  4. “Hanukkah Heroes”: Honor historical figures like Judah Maccabee with custom t-shirts that highlight their significance during Hanukkah.
  5. “Star of David Elegance”: Create designs featuring the Star of David in intricate and artistic styles.
  6. “Eight Crazy Nights”: Commemorate each night of Hanukkah with t-shirts adorned with candles, one for each night of the celebration.
  7. “Family Menorah Lighting”: Personalize t-shirts with a beautiful depiction of your family’s menorah and the words “Family Menorah Lighting.”
  8. “Hanukkah Gelt Delight”: Design t-shirts featuring the traditional chocolate gelt coins and a joyful message.
  9. “Miracle of Oil”: Celebrate the miraculous oil with t-shirts that showcase an overflowing oil jug and a radiant glow.
  10. “Custom Blessings”: Personalize your t-shirts with your family’s Hanukkah blessings, creating a unique and meaningful design.

Let the Festival of Lights shine even brighter with these custom Hanukkah t-shirt ideas. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or the community, these designs add a personal touch to your Hanukkah festivities. Illuminate your celebration and wear your heritage with pride. Order by Dec 7th for free delivery by Dec 18th (the beginning of Hanukkah).

Christmas Custom T-Shirt Designs: Wear the Holiday Spirit

From festive get-togethers to lively holiday parties and the joy of Christmas itself, we’ve got a custom t-shirt design for every occasion. If you’re in the market for an exceptional ugly sweater design, scroll through our selection or let us create a one-of-a-kind design just for you.

10 Jolly Christmas T-Shirt Ideas:

  1. “Ugly Sweater Revamped”: Reimagine the traditional ugly Christmas sweater with a creative and humorous custom t-shirt design.
  2. “Santa’s Workshop”: Transport your family or group to Santa’s bustling workshop with a t-shirt featuring playful elves and toy-making fun.
  3. “Frosty the Snowman”: Create a design inspired by the beloved snowman, Frosty, and his magical adventures.
  4. “Deck the Halls”: Design a t-shirt adorned with festive ornaments, holly, and jingle bells to capture the spirit of decorating for Christmas.
  5. “Candy Cane Dreams”: Celebrate the sweet joy of the season with t-shirts featuring giant candy canes and sugarplums.
  6. “Nutcracker Magic”: Pay tribute to the classic Nutcracker ballet with custom t-shirt designs showcasing the enchanting world of Clara and the Nutcracker Prince.
  7. “Jolly Jingle Bells”: Design t-shirts with jingling bells and a cheerful “Jingle All the Way” message to spread holiday cheer.
  8. “Christmas Carolers”: Create a design inspired by Christmas carolers singing their favorite holiday tunes on a snowy evening.
  9. “The Grinch’s Heart”: Celebrate the heartwarming transformation of the Grinch with a t-shirt design that captures his change of heart.
  10. “Custom Family Portrait”: Personalize t-shirts with a charming custom family portrait, complete with Santa hats and holiday cheer.

Don’t miss out on the chance to spread Christmas cheer with these custom t-shirt ideas. Whether you’re attending festive gatherings, parties, or just enjoying the holiday season, these designs add a personal touch to your celebrations. Order by Dec 11th for free delivery by Dec 24th to ensure your Christmas is filled with the magic of custom t-shirts.

New Year’s Custom T-Shirt Designs: Ring in 2024 with Style

Get ready to kick off the New Year in style and welcome 2024 with open arms. Our pre-decorated custom t-shirt designs are here, ready for you to personalize and celebrate in a memorable way.

10 Fabulous New Year’s T-Shirt Ideas:

  1. “Cheers to a New Year”: Raise a toast to the coming year with t-shirts featuring clinking glasses and a sparkling “Cheers!” message.
  2. “2024 Countdown”: Create a design showcasing the countdown to midnight, with a clock striking twelve to welcome the New Year.
  3. “Party Like It’s 2024”: Pay tribute to the iconic Prince song by designing t-shirts with disco balls and a “Party Like It’s 2024” theme.
  4. “Fireworks Spectacle”: Capture the magic of New Year’s fireworks with t-shirts featuring dazzling bursts of colors in the night sky.
  5. “Resolutions Galore”: Celebrate the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions with t-shirts displaying various resolutions and goals.
  6. “Sparkling Confetti”: Design t-shirts adorned with falling confetti, creating a festive and joyful atmosphere.
  7. “New Year, New Adventures”: Welcome the possibilities of the New Year with t-shirts featuring travel-themed designs and wanderlust vibes.
  8. “Midnight Kiss”: Create a romantic design with a clock striking twelve and the promise of a midnight kiss.
  9. “2024 Spectacular”: Design t-shirts with a bold “2024” as the centerpiece, symbolizing the arrival of the New Year.
  10. “Custom Cheers”: Personalize t-shirts with your own New Year’s toasts and well wishes to make the celebration uniquely yours.

Don’t miss the chance to start the New Year in style with these custom t-shirt ideas. Whether you’re attending a grand party or having an intimate gathering, these designs add a personal touch to your New Year’s celebrations. Order by Dec 17th for free delivery by Dec 30th and ensure that your 2024 begins with a touch of custom t-shirt flair.

Have questions on any of the designs or products above? We’re here to help. Contact us at 888-487-4478  or

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