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Uniforms are really valuable for practical reasons of course because they help your customers identify staff. Choosing what kind of uniforms to provide is part of your business culture. T-shirts are great for a casual bar or restaurant atmosphere and are typically cheaper to purchase too. Embroidered polos and work shirts are suitable for more formal dining or cocktail lounges but usually cost more to purchase and require more production time.

As the owner of a small bar or restaurant, you work really hard to make your offerings distinctive from other local eateries and pubs and you know the value of word-of-mouth business. Your staff’s uniforms can help spread the word too and encourage customers to take action they might not think about doing to support your business.

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Printed t-shirts are extremely versatile as a marketing tool because you can feature aspects of your business that might get overlooked on text heavy menus or tabletop signs. Use t-shirts to promote Happy Hour and signature dishes. Maybe your lunchtime customers never return after work simply because they haven’t considered it. Or they’ve been ordering the same dish because they think they know what they want and never look at the menu to see your signature dishes.

Contemporary t-shirt printing techniques make it possible to reproduce high quality photo art on fabric to showcase your mouth watering dishes and cocktails.

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Print your social hashtags and accounts on t-shirts. You can incentivize social interaction by asking people to take pictures of the restaurant, their dishes, and drinks and offer them a real time discount for doing it.

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Reselling your bar or restaurant T-shirt design may be something you’ve never thought about. Design, print quality, and apparel product choice are critical in making an appealing, must-have article of clothing though. Work with a graphic designer to come up with an attractive t-shirt art concept or relevant slogan and have them printed up. Ordering t-shirts in bulk allows you to resell your t-shirts as and additional source of revenue.

Of course the real value added result of reselling your restaurant or bar t-shirts is the exposure your business will receive as your customers wear them around friends, colleagues, and family. Instead of word-of-mouth, you have word-of-wear. Contact us today to discuss print and embroidery options for restaurant and bar uniforms.

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