10 T-Shirt Designs for Cat Lovers

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If you love cats, you secretly suspected you were smarter than dog lovers. Well there’s new scientific research that says it’s true! A study of 600 Carroll University students revealed that those that identified themselves as cat lovers scored higher on IQ tests than those that identified as dog lovers.

Cat lovers tend to be more introverted, sensitive and more apt to break the rules, sound familiar? Cat people are also more likely to value individualism. Cat owners do have a higher probability of hovering in the neurotic zone but that’s why we have cats to calm us down. If you feel your feline friends represent some of the best aspects of human nature, you might enjoy these 10 t-shirt designs for cat lovers.

Mystic Kitty

Cats, Books & Tea

Show me your Kitties

Wanty Cat

Have to go Meow

Better Life Cat

Twinkle Kitty

Pet My Cat

One Cat Short

Real Men Love Cats

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