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The interest in Astrology isn’t new but it’s an area of curiosity that is currently trending especially with Millennials. It’s not that they believe horoscopes and zodiac sign traits exhibit any scientific qualities they do however use the information for affirmations and even for inspiration. Perhaps it results from the generational rejection of traditional beliefs and the need to uncover more meaning in life. The age of the Internet makes exploration of this system of belief easily accessible to anyone who wants to do research.

Astrology is considered by some as a way to deal with the unknown and prepare for opportunities. It attempts to explain elaborate concepts about life, love, and relationships that make up a singular existence. It particularly sees resurgence in times of high stress when people are looking for a little hope and hints of when things will become stable again.

Humans are always trying to provide explanations for the abstract and horoscopes provide the perfect answers. Well, sort of. In a world where everything is labeled, measured, and documented on social media, astrology is still mysterious. You can take the information astrologers provide and apply it how you see fit to make you feel the way you need to feel. This is the affirmative encouragement we typically seek when there is an element of the unknown.

Whether you believe in the esoteric or just think there is a margin of truth in Zodiac signs and their influence upon our daily lives, here are Zodiac t-shirts designs with brief explanations about the characteristics typically exhibited by people born under these signs.

Aries– Typically likes to live life on the edge and hides their emotions with sarcasm. They may do things impulsively but realize when they perhaps should not have done something. They might be your foul mouthed tough talking friend but inside they are marshmallows. They are very confident so you’ll see them as leaders not followers.

Taurus- Well known for being steadfast, they are all about hearth and home. They like to be in control and usually know things before anyone tells them. They appreciate kindness and may appear really confident but can be very shy on the inside.

Gemini- Very observant but they keep what they know a secret. They love to make their haters upset. Known for being emotional on the inside, you could never tell it by the way they project. Highly adventurous and fast thinking, they are not going to be held down by norms and rules.

Cancer- Emotional but can freeze you out if their done with you. They can be impulsive when surrounded by those they trust. They can freak you out with their ability to read your mind but keep you at an extreme distance until you figure out what you’ve done wrong and apologize. They are worriers and frequently night owls.

Leo- Fierce and kind, they are movers and shakers. You will never know if they are telling the truth but you trust them all the same. Their confidence makes them not care whether you love or hate them and they are not easily restricted by rules. The longer you know them, the more you like them.

Virgo- They can be very tough but don’t handle likewise treatment very well. They spend a lot of their time analyzing situations inside their own head. It’s tough to impress them but they’ll binge on Netflix if they find a show that’s worth their while. You’re likely to get a sarcastic reply if they are feeling emotional.

Libra- Very judicial and diplomatic you’ll likely find them teaching or administering in an authoritative role even though they are introverts. Late nights are the norm for this sign and they are very practical. They need others in their life to achieve balance which is the ultimate state of well-being for them.

Scorpio- Seriously witty and sharp tongued they are usually attractive to others even if they are unaware of their desirability. They can be moody and silent but will usually be the life of the party. Although they can cut to the bone, they really do need relationships even though they hide their feelings to keep from being vulnerable to others.

Sagittarius- Their easygoing attitude belies traits below the surface which are courageousness and the inability to be controlled. They are forgiving and typically overthink situations. Kindness defines them but they will never skirt away from the truth. Upon becoming more familiar with this sign you might find yourself increasingly attracted to them.

Capricorn- Having high standards for themselves, they expect those close to them to live up to expectations also. There likely to be the best dressed and organized people. They want good things and work hard to get them. They are cautious by nature and are therefore a challenge to get close to.

Aquarius- Spontaneous when with friends, you might think they are reserved until you see the crazy come out. They are perceptive and demand to be noticed. They make good friends because they listen but can also act very icy if you cross them. They have an unusual sense of humor and take a while to get to know simply because you don’t know where you stand with them.

Pisces- The most deep and spiritual of all of the signs, it’s sometimes hard to get their head out of the clouds and attend to practical things. They despise mean acts but are forgiving of the perpetrators. They are grateful for kindnesses and are fiercely loyal to friends and family.

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