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Why Limit your Custom T-shirt Order to a One-Size-Fits-All Mindset?

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People order custom t-shirts from Design A Shirt for a lot of different reasons. We print t-shirts for family reunions, fundraisers and events of all kinds. In these situations, purchasing a single type of product is usually okay since the t-shirt fulfills a singular purpose for an event. But what if the purpose of ordering custom t-shirts is more for branding and promotion of a business?

Imagine this scenario. You own a local restaurant and have carefully curated a loyal following of locals that love your food and the atmosphere. They’re proud of your business and appreciative of the contribution your restaurant makes towards the enrichment of the community. Here is an opportunity for you to gain even more notoriety at a very low cost. Offer a way for your customers to support your brand by offering logoed apparel for sale.

Making branded apparel available to your customer base is a great way to engage your customers in a very personal way. Plus, when they wear your t-shirt, it’s as good as a word-of-mouth endorsement to their friends, neighbors, and family. When offering this type of promotional product, you should consider the value of offering different product types and here’s why.

Size and fit matters. A passionate customer might buy a piece of branded apparel from you but what good is that if they get home and don’t like how they look wearing the garment? If people don’t like what they see in the mirror, they’re not going to wear it no matter how much they like your business. Or worse, they could return it for a refund. People love t-shirts, and probably always will, but offering a variety of styles on different products ensures you’ll have something for everyone.

There are different types of fits when it comes to custom apparel and it’s an important thing to consider. T-shirt manufacturers don’t all share the same pattern. There is a difference between unisex, men’s, women’s, juniors, and youth t-shirt products, and it’s not simply the size, it’s cut and fit. Some products offer more length as well for taller people.

When considering what types of t-shirt product to offer, consider who makes up your customer base. In the restaurant scenario, that’s going to be all kinds of people unless you operate in a hyper specific niche like vegan cuisine. If that is the case, offering you logoed apparel printed on an organic cotton tee would be a customer conscious decision. A gym might offer some choices for performance apparel. A salon operating near a college campus might offer some high fashion, trendy products from Bella or Lululemon.

You’re an expert in your business but you may not be an expert in what types of apparel products have the potential to appeal to your customers. Having been in the t-shirt printing business for over 14 years, we have the collective knowledge to offer many recommendations based upon your customer base and budget allowance.

Some t-shirt products may be marketed as unisex but that does not mean they will all fit like the Hanes Tagless Tee which a very well-known t-shirt product. An example is the Next Level Premium Fitted Crew. The key to understanding the fit is in the terminology used, “fitted.” Fitted tees taper from the shoulder to bottom hem to fit more snugly around the torso creating a slimmer silhouette. The style is considered more fashionable than the classic tee which is roomier in the torso area. However the classic fit can appeal to wider variety of body types.

Some of our customers may not be aware that mixing and matching products and even different product colors does not usually increase the cost of the print job. If the exact same design and ink colors are used, printing on a variety of different products is normally not a problem. Where it may become an issue is if mixing and matching products that are very different in product fabric content like performance wear and 100% cotton. In these scenarios, a screen of a different mesh would need to burned and used to execute the print which would incur an extra screen charge.

Blending a large variety of sizes can introduce the need for second size of art too. For example, if you wanted shirts that varied from youth size extra-small to adult 3 XL, the same size of art would not translate well across all of these sizes. Sized art that looks great on the youth size would appear undersized on the extra-large adult version and vice versa.

If you have a display where your custom apparel is shown, think about seasonal offerings as well. Offer several types of hoodies or sweatshirts in the fall and winter and men and women’s tank tops in the spring and summer. Classic t-shirts work year round for promotion.

The next time you think about promoting your business with branded custom tees, think about your customer and what types of clothing products would appeal to them. Also think about how you want your brand to be perceived. This should influence your choice for apparel products.

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