At DesignAShirt we are proud to have our printing facility connected to our offices. This means that we personally oversee the quality of every t-shirt you order from us. Do you know that not all companies are like this? There are some very prominent custom t-shirt websites that outsource their printing. They serve as middle men in the t-shirt creation process, matching the customer with the design idea (you) to someone who can put that design onto a t-shirt (the printer). These websites allow you to design your t-shirt online, then they send the order to a printer in your area to finish the job. All these t-shirt websites are doing is facilitating a transaction, they aren’t actually making your shirt for you.

We print and embroider 99% of our shirts in house. When you design a t-shirt with us we send it right next door to our printing department. Everyday the heads of our printing and embroidery departments meet with the DesignAShirt customer service/ordering department to talk about recent orders that have been assigned to them. Once an order is received a single test t-shirt is printed and the printers confirm with our customer service agents that everything is exactly as you ordered it. They are always working together to make sure you have the best looking t-shirt possible.

If a website is outsourcing their printing to a printer that is likely in another state, how can they have this level of communication and quality control? Perhaps they can talk via telephone or e-mail, but it sure doesn’t beat the face-to-face communication that takes place in our offices. When these other websites send the order to the printer, they are no longer totally in control of the process. Going through them means you are going through two different companies, where as DesignAShirt the ordering and printing department are all under one roof.

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