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People love wearing and being able to create custom T-shirts for a variety of reasons. Some like being able to put their imagination onto something they can wear, others like representing the communities and clubs they affiliate with, and still others enjoy wearing a shirt that might strike up a conversation with strangers. All these reasons are great and we are going to cover a few of the top ideas that make for great shirts to order at

  • Shirts that represent an activity you participate in.

Group orders shirts create a sense of unity since each member can be easily identified. When creating a group shirt its good to keep in mind that it usually needs to be something that everyone can agree on. If it is a shirt for males and females, remember that it needs to have a balanced aesthetic so that both genders can feel confident wearing it. The shirt should clearly identify the group and its purpose with a large image or easily readable text. If people cant tell what that shirt is for, you may end up getting a lot of unwanted repetitive inquiries.

Many people enjoy having a funny T-shirt that will draw the attention of those they encounter. This is especially important if you are trying to promote a cause and want to create buzz. There is a fine line between creating a shirt that has comedic shock value, and a shirt that is just downright offensive. If you think your shirt is questionable try to run it past a few friends to see what they think. We have a great option to save and share your idea before you order it so try emailing, tweeting, and posting it to Facebook for some feedback.

We will be going over tips on how to create and upload original artwork in the future in order to create some truly one of a kind shirts. Stay tuned for details and as always have fun when you design T-shirts online with Designashirt!

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