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We Liked Homework Better When

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Schools all across the country are either back in session or about to be back in session. Every year we complete of school the harder the challenge becomes. We loved grade school, all we did was simple math and art projects while counting down the minutes until recess. What ever happened to recess? By the time we got to high school recess was a pipe dream. College? While one could say life on a college campus is a constant recess. What we do miss are the easy homework assignments. We found it much more easy to color than it is to figure out gross domestic product of Uganda in macroeconomics or figuring out a derivative of a function in brief calculus (a course that certainly isn’t brief, we found out the hard way).

Honestly, we liked homework better when it was called coloring. Hence this is the inspiration for our latest t-shirt design. The shirt is simplistic enough, a plain white t-shirt with lettering on it. The design is unique, it resembles an authentic attempt at coloring. We promise we don’t just take crayons to a white t-shirt, it just looks that way. Celebrate the simpler times of school with this back to school t-shirt. You can get it here.

And whatever you do, avoid brief calculus if you can.

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