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The Infamous T-Shirt Gun. Depending on the event, this beautiful bazooka may have been the most exciting part of your outing experience.  Perhaps you’ve even been lucky enough to catch a barreling t-shirt bullet as it whizzes past the other outstretched hands of the crowd and straight into your grasp.  You unwrap the well earned prize to reveal an awesome customized shirt for your favorite team. Or maybe you were the one who got snubbed, there’s always hope for the next time.

DesignAShirt is bringing the t-shirt gun to the internet! Our revolutionary virtual t-shirt gun doesn’t fire t-shirts through your monitor… but it’s close! We are launching out codes for free t-shirts, and we promise you will love it when you unwrap it, because you made it yourself!

We will be firing codes into cyberspace, and the lucky winner will be the first person to redeem the code on our website for a FREE Custom T-shirt. Once a new code had been posted to our special contest webpage, head to our Design Studio and start creating on a white Hanes Tagless T-shirt. Save your design, and then proceed to check out. If you have moved fast and are the first person to redeem the code, your awesome custom T-shirt will be free! If the code has been redeemed by another participant, you can always choose to purchase your new creation, or stay on the lookout for the next code and pull up your saved design in the future.

The best way to know when a new code has been posted is to follow us on our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, otherwise just keep checking the page and hope you get lucky.

We want everyone to have a chance to win, so we are limiting the t-shirts that can be won by an individual to one win per month. We are loading up the virtual gun now, so be ready to reach out and catch one! No pushing through the computer screen! Good luck and thanks for choosing DesignAShirt. 


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