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You might think company swag should consist of “stuff” with your logo on it. That’s a flawed way to view it and here’s why. Your company swag should wow and delight the people for whom it’s intended. This can’t be accomplished if you throw your logo on cheap stuff just to say, “here’s our swag, now take it” in hopes that people will remember your business when they need your product or services. Likewise, if you choose cheap swag for your employees, they’re going to feel less than enthused about marketing your business on their own free time. These are the usual goals for giving out company swag. Either you want a current or potential customer to keep you top of mind should they need something or you want your employees to market for you by wearing branded company apparel.

Putting thought into the type of branded giveaways your company will offer should be your first priority. Corporate giveaways should reflect how you want people to view your business. Think of promotional giveaways as any other form of advertising you do to gain recognition, branding, and views for your business message. You want any advertising that you do to reflect your brand with integrity and be perceived as valuable so here are the guidelines on how to achieve that with branded swag.

Starting off with a high quality t-shirt product matters a lot in the world of printed apparel. Fit, feel, and fabric are more important than you may have imagined. Perceptions of quality can be highly varied depending on the end recipient. Some people may believe a heavy-duty fabric is the qualifier for high quality while others will judge on the softness of the tee as a signal for quality.

To understand what type of product your intended recipient will value as high quality, it’s helpful to gain insight from an expert in printed apparel. Our customer service team is well versed in not only the products we have on site, but products that are available to us through a score of vendors. With years of experience and helping thousands of customers we have a cumulative knowledge base that’s hard to match.

It’s also important to evaluate your intended recipients yourself. The demographic can matter. Factors such as age, location, and intention of use can impact what product to choose. For example, performance wear
would make sense if there is an athletic oriented purpose for the t-shirts. An event for Greek Week could best be served with fashion forward choices like Hanes ComfortWash
. A conference for digital marketers could call for a Bella+Canvas triblend crew t-shirt

People certainly do like free things. But giving something away just to give it away won’t have the long lasting impression you’re looking to achieve if it ends up at the bottom of a drawer or dropped off at a thrift store in a few weeks because it’s perceived as lower quality. People like nice free things that make them look good and feel good wearing it.

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Quality giveaways like branded t-shirts present the opportunity to be seen by multitudes of individuals if the recipient feels it’s valuable. A nice product featuring a nice print can take you pretty far towards this goal. For some audiences, an extra level of value can be accomplished with specialty ink applications. Some of these are glitter, metallic, crystalina, sugar, glow-in-the-dark, and puffy prints. All of these applications can add a very high quality factor to your swag.

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The ultimate in value added branding for corporate apparel is embroidery. It’s is the Cadillac of apparel embellishment and can be more costly. Consider this option for high end giveaways to top clients or employee uniforms in a more corporate environment.

Choosing high-end embellishment could even catapult your business t-shirts into a product that people would want to pay money for. It’s best to test the waters before ordering a bulk order though. A minimum order of 12 pieces could allow you to evaluate the demand if you have somewhere you could showcase these pieces for sale. If there is high demand, ordering in bulk would increase your profit per shirt since the printing price drops with the addition of each shirt.

Another way to add value and create a connection through your corporate swag is to add personal touches like hang tags with prompts to follow your company on social or secret printed messages in the label area.

Your brand’s personality should be on display with the business t-shirt giveaways you have printed. There is nothing wrong with sharing a sense of humor or even using designs that are not tightly focused on your logo or services. Sometimes a quirky slogan or fanciful design can instigate questions about your business that may have never come about with the obvious logo t-shirt.

Consider alternative cuts and fits for your branded t-shirts that will include a larger demographic like women’s cuts, v-necks, extended and plus sizes, and even options for infants and toddlers. Nothing is cuter and more noticeable than a baby wearing your brand!

Now that you understand what brings value to your business t-shirts, consider getting your tees printed by a company that really understands customer satisfaction as well. We work hard to earn the business of professional companies both large and small. We understand how important it is to not cause disappointment and provide a top quality print job as well as the importance of delivering on time for your functions and events. Please contact us
for individualized service and custom quotes that will make sense for your needs whatever they may be.

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