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People have varied emotions when it comes to Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, it can be a day that makes you cringe with all the flowers, candy, love songs and advertisements. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel pressure to buy something and worry if it’s enough. Since it falls hard after Christmas, it can be tough on the wallet too. If the relationship is new, the stress is even higher because you want to impress your new love.

Instinctively we know there is no one day where you love someone more than you do the rest of the year, and it shouldn’t be obligatory to show it through extravagant purchases. Yet we still do, even if begrudgingly. Traditional Valentine’s Day presents are pricey and fleeting in nature. Chocolates and expensive meals are consumed, flowers wither and die, and jewelry and perfume are priced at premium rates during this holiday.

We don’t have to participate in this celebration of extortion! The best Valentine’s gifts are ones that you make yourself. Whether you’re in a relationship, or want to be in one, making Valentine’s Day special, funny, and sweet can be accomplished with simple acts and inexpensive gifts. Bake a cake, make a homemade card, give them a flowering plant, and of course, you can make a t-shirt. Even if you hate Valentine’s Day, some of these clever ideas should spark your imagination and inspire your own t-shirt design. Some of our designs are for the cutest possible Valentines of all, infants and toddlers!

Love you to the Moon and Back T-Shirt Idea

Love Arrows Graphic Tee Design

Vodka is my Valentine T-Shirt

Swiped Right T-Shirt Idea

Will You Marry Me T-Shirt

Best Boyfriend Ever Graphic Tee

Dad is my Valentine T-Shirt

Bacon is my Valentine T-Shirt Idea

Big Love T-Shirt Design

Property of Love Customizable T-Shirt Design

Love Lips Valentine Tee

Unicorn Love Fantasty Tee

Little Heart Breaker Toddler T-Shirt

First Valentine Infant Onesie

Kissable Toddler T-Shirt

Baby’s First Valentine Onesie

Kisses for Sale Infant Onesie

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