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Thinking Outside of the Box

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If you’ve moved once or twice in your lifetime, I’m sure you know that feeling of being overwhelmed by an abundance of empty boxes. With the shipments we receive on a daily basis we too are sometimes overwhelmed by the same problem and although we are fortunate enough to have weekly pickups to recycle our extra boxes, we are always looking for ways to reuse and recycle.

And we think we’ve found one.

There is no bigger job we can think of than making our customers happy and there’s no better feeling than opening a box of new goodies. The rush. The excitement. So we are re-purposing some of the boxes we receive to be that for our customers . Sure, those boxes could grow up to be a notepad to pen your next novel and some of them will but even better for the boxes that won’t, they’ll become the box you waited all day for FedEx to deliver. The tape ripping, box opening joy of seeing your new custom t-shirts, apparel or accessories. Plus, we kinda like that we’re helping the environment by doing so. If you’re lucky enough to get one of our re-purposed boxes with our “green” label, pay it forward and pass it on.

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