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We scoured the web for free or almost free t-shirt design resources for beginning and even professional t-shirt artists. Why? Because the web is a big place and we want you to spend more time designing and less time searching for elements you need to make incredible t-shirt designs. We didn’t include software but if you’re into designing as a career, you should invest in Corel or Adobe Illustrator for creating vector art.

The web pages on this list feature components and essentials to design a shirt, not ready made t-shirt designs. Some require that you exchange an email address to download or request that you give thumbs up to their project or a shout out of some sort. A lot don’t require anything. At the time of this post, all resources were available and free to use for commercial or personal purposes. However, we strongly recommend you research the terms and conditions of use for each and every item on this list as terms may change. As with many sites that offer freebies for artists, who knows what else you might find that didn’t make our list. If you know of any great resources for creating custom apparel you think should be on this list, send us a message and we’ll evaluate it, maybe even add it. So dig in, enjoy and you’re welcome!

The Hungry JPEG offers an awesome compilation.

Graphic Burger’s woman’s t-shirt mockup.

Very cool vintage text effect from Graphic Burger.

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