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How is it that a championship team can mock the losing team via custom t-shirt in what seems a matter of hours or days? If you’ve ever wondered this, then you are not alone. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has made a side business of selling t-shirts that memorialize the Seattle Seahawks narrow win over the Patriots in October of 2012. Post-game banter between Patriots star quarterback, Tom Brady and Richard Sherman include a captioned tweetpic of Richard Sherman chatting at Tom Brady, “U MAD BRO?” 

Over two years later, the teams go head to head during Super Bowl XLIX and this time, the Patriots narrowly beat the Seahawks launching a fairly funny  revenge t-shirt with the slogan, “U SAD BRO?” Further revenge t-shirt taunting came in the form of Patriots team member, Lagarett Blount holding a tee  with “Bitch Mode” as a slogan playing off of Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch’s, nickname, “Beast Mode.” T-shirts are like bumper stickers for the body; you have to be mindful and hopefully respectful of the eyes that could potentially see your message.  As for this year’s Super Bowl, so much for sportsmanlike behavior.

Although most professional teams order their championship tees before the game even begins, they typically only order for the members of the team and post-game screen printing begins for the masses once the winner has been officially proclaimed. Ever wonder what happens to all of the championship t-shirts that are printed for the losing team? They are donated to third world countries. Prince Amukamara, the Giants quarterback of Nigerian decent tweeted a hilarious (although obviously photoshopped) pic of his cousin back in Nigeria wearing the discarded Seattle Seahawks championship tee.

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