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The Political T-Shirt Effect

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With campaign season upon us, opinions are being broadcast as quickly as cell phone keypads can be punched. It’s time to take a look at how much technology has depersonalized politics and how traditional advertising can still be an intimate and powerful channel to connect people with ideas.

According to, 83% of Americans who own a smartphone or tablet are registered to vote. Technology is currently being used as a resource to organize and mobilize potential voters. Location-tracking enabled on mobile devices can shoot messages to nearby supporters prompting them to drop by a rally or send messages to attendees of a large gathering en masse.

While few would argue that technology is not enormously important for propagating political ideals, the proof of those ideals happens offline. Grassroots campaigning can be accomplished for much less financial investment than traditional media buys and without the learning curve of technological implementation.

Screen printed signs can be a very inexpensive way to spread your message but can easily get overlooked amidst the seasonal crop of like-inspired campaigners on the street corners. Bumper stickers are another traditional way for supporters to show their allegiance to candidates and causes but are very impersonal.

A well designed custom political t-shirt with a thoughtful and witty message has the power of authenticity because of the person wearing the t-shirt. The human element offers a very powerful trust signal that a disembodied message simply can’t compete with.

Creating an avenue for supporters to validate your political message in a personal way is an opportunity to reach new supporters that may not be familiar with your message at all. If a co-worker or friend is wearing your political message, the non-converted or even the disinterested may be compelled to research your message to discover what it’s all about.

Live, walking and taking, in-person endorsements make a far more powerful statement than a quote on Facebook or direct mail piece that more than likely will end up ignored or filed in the garbage. Showcase your commitment to civic duty and change with custom political t-shirts at that amplify your message exponentially and personally.

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