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The Best T-shirt Printing Company Attributes

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Most people are not looking for adequate or sufficient when searching for custom t-shirt printing services. If you are a purchasing agent or business owner, you want the best result for your investment. Even if you’re buying custom shirts for personal reasons, quality, service, and price are all valuable. Companies that consistently excel in business often share similar attributes and service styles. But what are the markers of successful shirt printing companies?

Outstanding Customer Service

Cost is really important to a great many people but we’ve found that without outstanding customer service, screen printing companies cannot sustain a customer base overtime. Consumer expectation is at an all-time high and when it comes to custom deliverables it can be a challenge to consistently meet these high standards. We believe outstanding customer service should consist of attention to detail, applied expertise, timeliness, and communication.

We listen carefully to our customer’s needs and concerns to determine the best course of action that will result in customer delight. Our extensive experience in the decorated apparel business allows our staff to draw from a deep well of knowledge and provide fitting recommendations. Striking a balance between cost of services and an exceptional end product is a challenge we enthusiastically tackle every day.

Honesty and Integrity

An honest approach to doing business not only builds consumer confidence, it helps tremendously with referrals. Everyone makes mistakes, whether on the business or customer side. Our customer service team is not driven by sheer numbers, they are driven to make sure our customers have the best possible experience so they return again and again and tell others. Our staff is trained to recognize when a customer places an order that incurs needless costs due to consumer ignorance of alternative options and contact the customer to discuss solutions.

Additionally, we are not in the business just to accept orders we know will fail because of poor artwork. There are plenty of t-shirt printers that will accept whatever is uploaded without question, that’s not us. We do understand that in some cases as in a gag gift, poor resolution is acceptable, but it’s our mission to make sure you’re aware when improperly formatted artwork submissions will result in a poor print.

Being able to say no to certain jobs is not only something a consumer should value but we believe it also shows business acumen. Accepting jobs that we know are not in our strong suit helps no one. Setting your expectations as a customer through communication and education is our goal so you understand what our limitations are and what to expect with the budget you give us.


A passion for educating customers in what to expect from varied printing techniques is part of building our successful relationships. Detailing the pros and cons of choosing plastisol versus water based screen printing techniques or explaining why vinyl transfers are the best option to achieve your particular goal is all part of the exploration process.

Creativity and Vision

The ability to apply creativity to come up with solutions to complex problems is a critical talent in the custom apparel printing services. In so many cases, time and cost are huge factors. Possessing the collective aptitude to provide creative solutions that consider both is one of our strongest talents as professional screen printers.


Working with a company that has longevity in the t-shirt printing industry by default puts the consumer in a better position. Long standing relationships with apparel manufacturers can yield quick access to the latest and greatest new apparel options. Having printed millions of pieces of customized clothing for all types of people, businesses, and organizations since 2003, we’re highly confident in what we do.

Access to a wide variety of apparel options is particularly important if you’re a brand trying to grow your business. Having a printer with dependable access to assortments of long-sleeves, tank tops, sweats, caps, bags, as well as t-shirts will be important.

Turnaround times in the industry vary greatly but pay attention to how long it takes from time you place your order to the time you receive it when looking for the best custom t-shirt printer. We offer free 10-day delivery which means in 10-calendar days, you will have your order in your hands. In some cases, you may need an order expedited quicker in which case we offer 3 and 5 delivery at an increased price.

Online Custom T-Shirt Printer Reviews

A substantial history of customer testimonials and satisfaction is one the most obvious markers of a trustworthy partner for your custom apparel printing needs. We have thousands of reviews for custom t-shirt printing from delighted consumers stretching back 14 years.

Social Proof

Beyond testimonials, pay attention to a t-shirt printer’s activity on social media. It’s normal for a business to get some negative feedback, in some cases through no fault of their own. Be wary if there is a pattern of unanswered customer posts, their customer service will likely be lackluster or worse. Also take notice of hidden comments; if it looks like all of the responses to complaints are deleted and there are a lot of them or angry emoticons with no commentary, they may be trying to hide something bigger than the occasional disgruntled customer.

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