Millennials are highly prized demographic because of their numbers and spending habits. Millennials make up about 25% of the population and are typically in high school, college, or just starting their professional careers. Understanding a little bit about who millennials are helps how to promote your brand with them.

This segment is important because they account for trillions of dollars spent. Their influence on family members can have a positive trickledown effect and they are not shy about spending money on things they want. They are used to being special so promotional products that reflect well on their sense of self identity will be popular.

This is also the Facebook generation and they have lots of friends so if they love your brand, their influence has a radius effect.

If you are offering something that is beneficial and solves a problem, you’re going to gain more traction. As millennials live very active lifestyles and are dependent upon, and use technology often, items that enhance well-being and productivity are going to be most attractive.

If the product or idea you’re promoting is tied to making a positive impact on society, this will resonate well with this highly diverse generation.

Now that you know who they are, let’s explore the best promotional giveaways for Millennials that they might actually want. Note, the items below are under $10 based on quantity discounts but none require more than 500 pieces.

Stress Balls

Charge-N-Go Power Bank


Stainless Steel Nimbus Bottle


Messenger Bag

Promotional T-Shirts

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