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The 10 Best State Pride T-shirt Designs

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Whether you feel state pride because it’s your birthplace or because you’ve relocated, or simply love vacationing there, state pride t-shirts are probably something you’ve purchased at some point in your life. The problem with these types of t-shirts is they are often designed with minimal creativity or even worse, the same design with slight modification could suit any state in the nation.

We love the idea of personalization so we looked for some of the best, original designs for state pride tees on the web. Here’s our list of best of the best.


We have start with this Arizona pride t-shirt because it’s our home state and we certainly think it’s the grandest! What we like about this design is it stays true to a southwestern color scheme and highlights the natural wonder that is our states motto, “The Grand Canyon State.” The artistic simplicity of the design feels retro and modern at the same time and the informal font matches perfectly. Going with natural for the color of the t-shirt keeps the message on point as far as we’re concerned.


The play on words with this California pride t-shirt is a golden opportunity to reiterate creativity is the key to successful t-shirt concepts. The relaxed black scoop neck is the correct choice to reflect California’s famous laid back lifestyle. We can’t tell from this pic if the ink is gold glitter but if it’s not, it should be. .


While this design is specific to Kansas City, not the entire state of Kansas, we decided to include it because it showcases a very cool trend that usually only locals could truly appreciate. Calling out some of the most famous street names is a great homage to the character and flavor of a famous city. The grid pattern reinforces the concept of transit while the overall distress effect offers a gritty edge to the overall design.


This design expresses all the attractions and allure of vacationing in this great state. From the country to the mountains to the coast, graphics illustrate the endless possibilities. The blue t-shirt reflects the color of the flag of Maine and the modest distress on the design alludes to a soft feel.


Making the most of the shape of your state is not something that all states can do. However with Michigan’s unusual shape that somewhat reassembles a hand, this designer has incorporated that feature into the message of the shirt. Hand made in Michigan has our vote as a clever t-shirt design.


The only letters that matter in this alphabet are the initials of the state of Minnesota. Drawing attention to this happy accidental design through use of contrasting ink colors puts this state pride tee on our list.


Montana pride is displayed in this t-shirt design with glimpses of a larger design artfully placed within the silhouette of a bull head. The heathered plum t-shirt product choice offers great contrast.

New York

This New York City t-shirt design is making it onto the list because you can hardly mention New York State without mentioning NYC. We love the hands signs that reiterate the vibrant energy of this city.


The yellow rose of Texas is a folk song that dates back to the 1850’s and has been recorded by famous singers like Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson. The song is embedded in the state’s history and this high contrast silhouette design is unmistakably creative as a Texas state pride tee.


This cheeky design is a pretty clever in its use of an expletive with a benign and charming replacement. It’s both daring and modern and not what you might expect of a Wyoming state pride t-shirt.

If you can’t find your state or city on this list, you can design your own using our state clip art. Search by keyword or by category: Nature/Geography, then select states to reveal silhouettes to begin your custom t-shirt design design.

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