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Tasteful Thanks

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We at DesignAShirt think we’re pretty good at taking care of our customers. We offer unparalleled one-on-one customer support and attention. If you call, email or live-chat with us, we’re here to help and we give your orders the same attention we give you. Every order is seen and reviewed by real people, on site at our production facility, so we think we’re also pretty savvy about catching the orders that are seemingly innocuous. And so was the case when our Customer Care Team received three consecutive orders by the same “customer” for high dollar amounts. All the information was accurate and everything verified properly but our Customer Care Team was concerned since the orders were shipping to a different address other than the billing address. So they did a little digging and tried to find a home number for the customer. You wouldn’t believe how many Maria R.’s there are in the Washington, D.C. area! After an exhaustive search and voicemails left for more than a few Marias we finally received a call back from the right Maria who promptly verified our hunch was correct. We later found out the criminals had been racking up charges all over town for over a week unbeknownst to Maria. Thanks to our Customer Care Team’s one-on-one support and attention, we were able to help her report the fraud to her credit card company.
Weeks later this arrived…

While unnecessary and unexpected, was very much appreciated by our team. Glad we could help!

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