Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. This fake holiday was first created aft in 1995 and has gained worldwide popularity. T’ rules o’ t’ day be simple enough, every September 19th you be implored t’ talk like a pirate for t’ day. How do pirates talk? Well you’ve seen moves like Pirates o’ t’ Caribbean, just copy t’ lin’o found in that movie. T’ holiday itself be based on a romanticized view o’ t’ golden age o’ piratin’. T’ lin’o we hear today probably isn’t historically accurate but it aye be popular.

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with your very own t-shirt. You can’t fully embrace t’ day without out wearin’ some sort o’ pirate fashion. We designed a simple pirate t-shirt that will show your love for this “holiday”. Get t’ t-shirt here.

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