DesignAShirt rocks our comedy festival!

We organize an annual free 4-day comedy festival at UC Irvine with over 35 events and hundreds of participants. DesignAShirt continually comes through for us to make great shirts for all of our participants.

Wayne in his new MDDA Club attire!

I founded the Make Donald Drumpf Again Club after being inspired by the February 28 segment by John Oliver (search John Oliver Drumpf on YouTube) in which he reported that Donald Trump’s ancestral name was […]

South End Original

I designed the shirt for a reunion of the neighborhood we grew up in, the streets & places we lived & hung out at are now gone. So I made a map with a design […]

ICTV’s Sketch Me If You Can

I ordered the T-shirt for working on a TV show on my college campus. The shirt was huge hit with everyone and people kept asking me where I got it and how they could get […]

We’re LEGIT!

This was the first band practice after our t-shirts and CDs of our debut album showed up. We ordered t-shirts to take to the CD-release show. We have very official looking fans now!

Team DogPowered at the MS Walk

Our group photo of dog lovers walking to end MS in Portland, Maine! We are the best dressed team thanks to DesignAShirt! We’ve even had non team members ask to buy our t-shirts!

Only Human

I wanted to create a shirt that was simple and minimal while also containing a message which can be interpreted different ways dependent on its wearer. It’s kind of ironic since the text says “Only […]