Kyrene Mariposa 2009 T-Shirts

Kyrene de la Mariposa has been recognized before as one of the top elementary schools in Arizona. The first time was in 2004 and to celebrate the entire student body lined up to form an […]

Bowling T-Shirt Design Review

This t-shirt design utilizes a classic layout in an effective way. Made for a bowling party, the classic chest emblem with surrounding text on the front is a typical layout that is easy to see […]

Climbing T-Shirt Design Review

Athletic t-shirts for sports or adventures are never boring. They always include a sense of thrill, fun, and vivacity. This t-shirt for rock climbing is no exception. The front features an image of a scenic […]

Garage T-Shirt Design Review

This t-shirt for a garage company is strong with grungy aspects. Obviously made for mostly men to wear, the black text looks like it came straight from a horror movie, further adding to the masculine, […]

Family Vacation T-Shirt Design

T-shirts designed for family vacations are top-selling items. The t-shirts unite the family in an easily recognizable design that is both fun and appropriate. This t-shirt, created for a family vacation, has unique components that […]

Vintage T-Shirt Design

Vintage t-shirts are perhaps the most popular today simply because of their trendiness. The youth and mature alike can wear these t-shirts, allowing for a laid back vibe. This old school Power Rangers t-shirt utilizes […]

Religious T-Shirt Design

This religious t-shirt is informative yet also appealing. The black ink used contrasts well with the golden color the shirt, making the shirt easy to read and hard to miss. Further, as a religious t-shirt, […]

Summer Staff T-Shirt Design

Summertime is all about letting loose, enjoying the heat, and floating in the pool. As a t-shirt for a summer camp, this t-shirt is perfect for the hottest months of the year. The electric blue […]

High School T-Shirt Design

High school t-shirts are an important aspect to student life and school spirit. Thus, the that represent the t-shirts high school must accurately represent the school in a spirited and fun way. This t-shirt for […]