Reading Time: 2 minutes often works with custom t-shirt designers who have a vision and a message to impart with their designs.

One of them is Michelle, who makes creative t-shirts for her site: Here’s an interview with

What was the inspiration for starting your business?  

The inspiration for starting my business began with love. True love starts from the inside and expands out. I wanted to remind myself of this every day. I hand embroidered my first LOVE t-shirt. Friends asked me where I bought it which lead me to making t-shirts for them. When the website was created making each t-shirt by hand was taking too much time so I turned to for help. Screen printing allows for fun and creative ideas to flow and to produce high quality t-shirts.

What have you learned about t-shirt designs during your journey as a t-shirt designer?

Inspiration for the designs come from the desire to express life from a place of love verses fear. Events occur that inspire a design or just a thought about a statement that expresses love. I was sitting around a table with my sisters when we came up with the men’s t-shirt that states, “Get Your Love On.” I think this might be my favorite t-shirt.  The organic cotton, perfect blue t-shirt looks amazing on the guys.

All of the t-shirts are organic cotton.  I have looked high and low for t-shirts that have style and wear well.  I love what I do. I receive amazing feedback on the t-shirts and always look forward to the next design. Currently is small but slowly t-shirts are added.

So, I encourage everyone to check back regularly and to like our FB page On both the website and FB page people will receive updates for the latest styles as well as inspiring quotes and stories for everyday life.

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