Crowdfunding is now a fairly common practice to gain funds for a venture or project. It can be used for personal ventures, (think family reunion, new sports team t-shirts, family vacation, etc.) It can also be used to acquire funding for a professional project, (creating an app, research funds, archeological dig, etc.)

There are two different mainstream models of crowdfunding. One is donation-based funding which often includes perks like custom t-shirts, cd’s, original artwork and the like for different amounts or tiers of donations described by the crowdfunder. The other is investment crowdfunding which can give the donor shares or a piece of ownership in the venture.

Most individuals will use the donation based model for personal projects and depending on your goals, there are an array of sites that allow you to set up your crowdfund very easily. Here’s a few that work very well depending on your needs.


Free money collection which is fantastic if your simply gathering funds from family members for a the family reunion, annual family cruise, block party, or reimbursement for a t-shirt order.

You can sell t-shirts or basically anything and the built in sharing tools make it easy to gain visibility on all the social channels. Furthermore, people respond quickly because there is a built in urgency to get to the point where your campaign “tilts” or meets the goal. You can also easily view every donor to see if everyone’s chipped in if your goal is fundraising.


RocketHub is a favorite for creative artists and visionaries for social change but also is used by scientists and entrepreneurs. It’s free with low transactional fees and has a broad range of social sharing functions to spread the word. How they really shine is their affiliation with the A&E channel. If your project is really outstanding you might be offered funding from A&E or even on-air exposure for your project. For a creative venture many crowdfund leaders offer tiered rewards for the amount of the donation which often includes a “t-shirt” package.


This crowdfunding site has a global reach and takes a flat 5% of your funds. Additional charges are levied depending on the payment portals used by your funders (PayPal and credit cards have different fees.) If you don’t reach your goal, your funders don’t pay. Some of the most popular perks for sponsors offered are t-shirts, tote bags, and hoodies. This site is favored by filmmakers, musicians, small businesses, tech developers and community advocates.

Whatever your goals when starting a crowdfunding venture, we offer some of the lowest prices and high quality screen printing for your merch or perks. Even if you have a smaller project you can choose our no minimum products without having to order 100 or more custom screen printed products like some other screen printers that have affiliation with these crowdfunding websites.

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