It was bound to happen, a Swine Flu t-shirt. Only time will tell of the rise of Swine Flu fashion is as quick as the rise of the influenza strain itself. This t-shirt has a comedic design, stating that the wearer has survived the Swine Flu outbreak that has yet to be stopped. The picture of a pig wearing a sombrero signifies the origin of the flu being from pigs in Mexico. This shirt is a period piece, something you can wear to remember the Spring and Summer of 2009 when Swine Flu was at its peak. This design is going to be used in our most recent Rolling Stones ad in the May 15th Issue along with a special coupon code!
Swine Flu Style

Is Swine Flu no laughing matter? Maybe, but sometimes we have to laugh instead of cry. You can get this exact t-shirt or use it is a template for your very own Swine Flu t-shirt Click Here.

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