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Super Bowl Champions T-Shirts Ready to Print

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This Super Bowl Sunday the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers will go head to head in 60 minutes of intense football. Meanwhile back in the locker rooms, over 288 T-Shirts and Caps will sit waiting to see which team will wear them. At the end of the game, one set of Super Bowl Championship t-shirts will be worn for millions to see.

The NFL (as stated in this New York Times article) gives the losing team’s clothing to an organization named World Vision. They are a relief organization that sends clothing to developing nations.

I always wondered why we never saw the losing team’s clothing on eBay or anywhere else. The NFL takes no chances and securely sends the shirt to World Vision right after the game.

So a couple days ago, a large semi truck was nice enough to deliver tens of thousands of t-shirts for us to print the Arizona Cardinals as Super Bowl 43 Champions (well we hope they’ll win).

Below is another photo of the boxes that have turned our warehouse into a maze of t-shirt towers:

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