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Summertime is family reunion season and we would like to provide some helpful suggestions for designing the perfect family reunion t-shirt to remember the timeless memories created at reunions this year.

Most family reunions are held between June and September because the weather is better and summer is the best and easiest time for families to travel for vacation. Some families plan their reunions up to two years in advance to allow attendees to set aside vacation time and make travel plans. Because family reunions require so much planning, planners need to make sure they’re memorable for years to come. Nothing helps to remember an event better than a custom t-shirt.

T-shirt designs can be made with the name of the family and the year the reunion was held along with a family motto or special message. T-shirts can even be customized with special pictures or colors to go along with the theme or location (such as the beach) of the family reunion.

Not only are family reunion t-shirts a great way to remember the event, they help keep the event running smoothly as well. T-shirts can be printed in different colors to differentiate teams for games and sports. If the family reunion is to be held in a large location such as an amusement park where non-reunion attendees will be, family reunion t-shirts help attendees recognize one another and remain together as a group.

When ordering family reunion t-shirts, organizers should always make sure to order extra t-shirts for unexpected attendees and to ensure there are extra sizes available for exchange.

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