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You have come up with a product or idea that will be successful, congratulations, that’s just the beginning.  Now you face the struggle of coming up with a meaningful branding strategy. The first angle of your branding strategy should be to examine whether your logo concept makes a statement and conveys the essence of your product or business.

How do you achieve this? Successful logos that stand the test of time are simple. They can be featured easily on t-shirts, mugs, business cards and other marketing collateral without being rendered minuscule or unreadable. Ideally your logo will be useful in conveying your ideology without the viewer having to guess what type of business it represents.

Take a look at competitors, not just local, but national. How do they represent themselves? What aspects of their design make sense and provide meaning?

Avoid being overly literal. This is an area that can be very difficult particularly if you’re in an industry where it’s hard to translate a concept into a visual such as Internet technology.  Most of the biggest brands in that industry opted for specialized fonts versus graphical elements. The big exclusions are of course, Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation. Even so, the simplicity of the graphics makes the logos timeless.

Overly Literal Internet Business Logo

Of course when you’re just starting out, money is tight and spending a ton of it on logo creation doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Today, almost any creative task imaginable can be made easier with software and online services such as our create your own t-shirt design studio. Creating a meaningful logo can be very simple too.

We’ve researched some online resources that are pretty simple to use plus they are affordable or even free. Typically you see other services being pushed in conjunction with the free download like business cards and websites but those additional services are not mandatory. Check them out below.

When you’re ready to offer your customers swag to promote you, our concept is simple, offer something useful like a t-shirt or a tote bag. We all love branding but keep in mind that people don’t want to be a walking billboard. Try adding a lighthearted industry relevant saying to make it more desirable. Keep it simple and subdued. If you wouldn’t wear it, why would anyone else?

1. Online Logo Maker

This is our favorite because it allows you to download your art at whatever size you choose for free AND you can upload elements to the design studio.

2.  Logo Maker

Fairly easy to use, high-res files are $49.


3. Graphic Springs

Trendy fonts, quality graphics $39.99 to download. 

4. Logo Yes

Wide variety of fonts and clip art, $40.00 file purchase.

A few honorable mentions that require a higher level of skill but are nonetheless very cool: 

Fat Paint

Flaming Text

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