It’s March and that means the spring season is in full swing and the time for bright colors, budding flowers and Easter egg hunts! Get ready for jellybeans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps because the Easter bunny is bringing baskets of sweets and surprises! Spring is a time of renewal and growth, the weather begins to change and sleeping plants begin to blossom as the drab winter gray is awakened with vibrant colors. We have a plethora of options for bright colored shirts and numerous options for ink as well. Check out our previous blog post for some general ideas on matching up colors.

Pick from over forty colors when choosing the Hanes Beefy T-shirt, or try out some nice pastel color options from American Apparel. Some of the most popular Easter colors are light blue, purple, pink, and light yellow. Once you have picked a great color base for a shirt, check out our clip art for some bunnies, eggs, and religious icons to create your shirt masterpiece. Spring is all about growth so try sporting a color that is a little your of your comfort zone and see how it feels, you might be pleasantly surprised how you look in an orange, purple, or yellow shirt…be bold!

Remember to get creative with color this spring when you create a custom shirt. Easter is a great time to celebrate renewal and growth with family and friends so be bright with color and remember to share the jellybeans!

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