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Part of the glamour and mystique of belonging to a sorority is the affiliation with a group that has deep secrets, rituals and history. The personal rewards include individual growth along with the development of social and leadership skills. Many sororities have community ties and alumni that put you in the pathway of influential decision makers. The interpersonal skills developed and professional associations will serve you for the rest of your life as you advance into a career. Did you know Margaret Chase Smith was the first female Senator and a member of SIGMA KAPPA among many other important and famous Greek women?

The bond of sisterhood is irreplaceable especially if you’re attending college in a new area. Think instant friends! People with lots of friends are typically happier people, and happiness is contagious. According to a 2008 Harvard Study, a happiness chain reaction can impact you and your friends up to five times removed. That’s one happy environment when transitioning to a new collegiate lifestyle.

If you are interested in working for non-profits after graduation, the community service opportunities within Greek organizations are your ticket to a well-rounded resume.  Since you’ll be part of a sisterhood with members at various stages of their university career, you can easily get the lowdown on which professors and classes to choose. Also, because most sororities require a minimum GPA, you have direct access to excellent mentors and tutors to help you with the tougher classes.

The pledging process can be intimidating but exciting, (consider a 2:00 a.m. pop quiz on sorority history or sorting a huge pile of buttons by color and dimension.) We know sororities are not just about the clothes, but a Greek Girl wants to be stylish no matter what the occasion. Show up in glamorous style with a great pair of jeans topped off with a custom t-shirt. Accessorize with a cute pair of sterling silver earrings and a fashion forward bracelet for the final polish!

Show your dedication to sisterhood. Create custom sorority t-shirts for you and your sorority sisters. Make sorority t-shirts for bid day, rush, or even for your chapter. We offer Greek hoodies, sweatshirts and an array of specialized and custom sorority apparel. DesignAShirt offers group discounts, Free Shipping, and Live Customer Support. Design from scratch or start from one of our Greek Sorority design templates. We’re located in Tempe, AZ but can ship anywhere in the U.S. Celebrate your chapter and join together with sorority t-shirts from DesignAShirt. 

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