It’s Shark Week! Shark Week is a annual tradition on the Discovery Channel, where they devote a week of programing to sharks. Shark Week usually takes place in late July or early August and is often the most popular week of programing all year for the Discovery Channel. Shark Weest started in 1987 and has gained popularity every year. It has even obtained a place in pop culture. In 2007 Shark Week celebrated its 20th anniversary. Each Shark Week is hosted by a star of a Discovery Channel show. Past hosts include Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and Les Stroud of Survivorman.

Celebrate Shark Week with your very own shark week t-shirt. We decided on a simplistic design, an ocean blue shirt with a lone shark on the front. We chose to use the silhouette have a hammerhead shark because hammerhead sharks are awesome. You can get the shark week t-shirt here.

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