Tomorrow an American institution will turn 40 years old. On Tuesday, Nov. 10, Sesame Street® kicks off it’s 40th season of broadcasting on PBS. Sesame Street is the most successful children’s television show in American history. It started back in 1969 as a fast paced, ethnically diverse children’s show that was meant to educate children while keeping parents entertained as well. The show was an instant success, it hadn’t even been on TV for a year when it’s most famous character, Big Bird, graced the cover of Time Magazine.

Today Sesame Street ranks as the 15th most popular children’s TV show. It is not as dominate as it used to be, the advent of cable programming has caused its ratings to dwindle like many other TV shows. It is still one of, if not the most, recognizable children’s shows today. Its 40th season airs tomorrow at 8am and features first lady Michelle Obama.

Everyone is doing their part to honor the show (heck, Google has been honoring it with their homepage design for almost a week straight). We designed a t-shirt in Sesame Street’s honor.

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