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Graduating In Style

Spring is coming to an end and that means the high school careers of seniors around the country are coming to an end. High school graduation is a big deal, which is why so many schools commemorate their senior class with a custom senior class t-shirts.

This design is very classic. Most senior class t-shirts follow this same template. It is a classic template that most graduating shirts follow. The burgundy and light gray fit in with the school’s color scheme, giving the shirt the extra school spirit it needs.

This t-shirt is a classic redone. We will see designs similar to this in almost all of our graduation t-shirt requests. Celebrate your graduating class with a custom graduation t-shirts with DesignAShirt. We offer templates that will allow you to make a shirt just as classic as this one. You can also attempt to make a graduation shirt form scratch and create the next timeless design. Congratulations seniors!

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