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School spirit is something you can be passionate about. It’s something palatable to be felt on the playing field, in the drama club, in science class, and at student rallies. Creating school spirt is often centered on a feeling of oneness with the group. You can be physically located in a group but it’s more powerful when unity is proclaimed with a style that declares it!

College and high school t-shirt ideas aren’t always about the school mascot though. School club tees often take on the persona of the individuals that are a part of that club. Proud to be geeky slogans and clever plays on phrases are popular.

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Check out some our school t-shirt design ideas for your next rally, school promotional giveaway, senior trip or club t-shirt to get you started on your own unique design.


Make an “accessory” of this t-shirt.


Biology club never looked so good

Chess Club Tee

Here’s a strategy for a great design!

Debate Team T-Shirt

It’s pointless to debate about this t-shirt idea.

Just Bien Myself Spanish Club Tee

A bien class t-shirt

Math Club T-Shirt

Suddenly it’s cool to be in the Math Club.

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