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Save My Name Is EARL T-Shirts

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We are as bummed out as anyone that NBC decide to cancel My Name is Earl. We are going to miss the Earl, Randy, Joy, Catalina and of course Crabman! My Name is Earl enjoyed four seasons on NBC and it was one of the most unique shows we’ve ever seen here at DesignAShirt. We loved the unique premise, the colorful characters and the corky town they inhabited. We laughed anytime Randy did anything, what a funny dude!

It’s time for us Earl fans to band together and help save the show! There is already a twitter account set up to help save the show. We want to do our part with a Save Earl t-shirt. If fans of the NBC show Chuck managed to save their show, then we can Save Earl!

Use this template or edit it to make your own Save Earl t-shirt. GET IT HERE!

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