DesignAShirt is proud to introduce our new safety apparel line. For too long safety apparel has been about the safety green or orange vests that leave no room for the imagination to operate. With DesignAShirt you can now spruce up your safety apparel with unique designs and options that extend far past the typical vest.

We offer safety t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. If you still want a typical vest we have those as well, with different color options. You can spruce up your safety wear with a unique design. When is the last time you saw a safety vest with a cool design on it? You can use all our typical design options when creating your custom safety apparel. Check out our selections.
Whoever said safety apparel couldn’t be in style? Spruce up your safety wear with DesignAshirt. Do safety the right way, do it with DesignAShirt’s Design Studio.

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