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Rush Order T-Shirts – How did it come to This?

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At some point in your life you may have need to buy something in a rush for various reasons. Normally, going to a store and purchasing ready-made merchandise is no biggie; it’s designed to be an off-the-shelf purchase. However if you need anything custom made-to-order, requiring production in a rush situation will cost more than it normally would. Here’s why. When you order rush t-shirts or any other personalized product, it doesn’t just require a rush shipping charge.

Prioritizing orders and making a production schedule is how t-shirt companies are able to make deadlines consistently. A disruption in that order requires careful evaluation of the orders on the schedule to make sure the balance can be maintained to fulfill all orders as promised. When rush orders require t-shirt companies to bump other orders, production has to over compensate to make up time. It may require screen printers to switch orders to other screen presses which involve more labor and possibly paying overtime compensation to employees.

Product availability is another factor that impacts rush t-shirt printing prices. To allow for a wide range of product choices, these apparel products will not be stored in-house. Rather the apparel product is ordered from the supplier in the amount needed, colors needed, and sizes needed specific to each and every order. Pulling these items from a warehouse shelf in front of other standard orders causes an upset in the supplier’s workday. Shipping the items sometimes same day or even within hours will incur charges that are passed onto the screen printer.

Of course the actual shipping costs do come into factoring rush order t-shirt pricing. If a customer needs shirts in 3 days, making that happen often requires overnight shipping which can be a substantial cost. Adding up all of the things that can impact the cost of rush order t-shirts certainly makes a good argument for avoiding postponement when ordering t-shirts. However, sometimes life gets in the way and it becomes a necessity. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons we see customers needing to order t-shirts using our rush option.

Qualifying Athletes for Nationals

Sometimes a short turnaround time is unavoidable. One instance we see is when an athlete qualifies for a national athletic competition and that competition is less than 10-days away. The customer won’t know the quantity or sizes needed until the qualifying athletes place high enough to move onto the next round. In this scenario, the customer may already have a general design in mind but will also need to add names and numbers of the athlete to complete the team aesthetic.

Birthday Party Procrastination

Coming up with party favors everyone will appreciate can seem like an easy task with so many options to choose from. But a truly customized experience may be at the top of the wish list for the host and the guest of honor. You might get last minute inspiration or suggestions from birthday party invitees to use a funny picture of the birthday boy or girl. Popular birthday party t-shirt themes can also relate to milestone ages like sweet sixteen, legal twenty-one, dirty thirty, and fierce at forty. Eleventh hour sparks of imagination can make the difference between bland and unforgettable when it comes to birthday bashes.

Ordering the Wrong Size

We’ve all misjudged our size from time to time. Sizing can vary from product to product. We’ve seen this issue mostly when it comes to junior and youth sizes. A junior XL can fit more like a ladies medium in some cases. If the printed shirt arrives and the fit feels like a sausage casing, you might want to reconsider the product type and size for the reprint. At times there is simply a lack of communication when ordering for a group and the wrong size may be relayed to you and ordered. It’s times like these when a rush order t-shirt printer comes in very handy.

Not Ordering Enough Shirts

If you’ve ever been tasked to order personalized clothing for a team, company, or an event, you know how easy it is to let someone fall through the cracks. Let’s say you’re ordering for a company and the new guy started after the call for t-shirt sizes went out to all the employees, now you need one shirt for the upcoming annual company picnic. While it’s not ideal to pay full price for a digitally printed shirt instead of a bulk screen print order, at least there is that option.

Totally Forgetting to Order Shirts

You’ve got your checklist, the venue’s been booked, the caterer has confirmed, the band has sent you their playlist, what else is there to be concerned about? You wake up in the middle of the night with a jolt because you just realized you didn’t order the event t-shirts! What to do? We’ve experienced this scenario many times not just for events, but for all types of occasions. The first step is to make sure all of the information required is communicated to make this quick turnaround time happen and you have your shirts in hand for the event. We’ll need the design, the apparel product choice, the number of shirts required, and the sizes. That’s it. With our lightning shipping time, we can get your shirts to you in as little as 3 business days to avoid disaster.

Whatever your reason is for requiring rush order t-shirt printing, we’ve seen it all and will do our best to accommodate your needs to save the day. Luckily our customer service team has extensive knowledge on products, pricing, printing techniques, and shipment capabilities to roll with the punches no matter how fast they come.

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