With the smashing success of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince we have started to notice a rise in custom made Ron Weasly t-shirts. Weasly, portrayed by Rupert Grint in the movies, is quickly becoming a heartthrob for teen girls. The red head is one of the leads in every Harry Potter movie, along with Harry himself and Hermione.

We decided we would throw our heart in the ring and create our own Ron Weasly t-shirt. We have seen a lot of t-shirts out there proclaiming that the wearer wants to bare Ron’s children. We decided to design a t-shirt on this design, using Harry Potter font. This t-shirt will be sure to make your Harry Potter friends laugh. Have your own ideas for a Ron Weasly t-shirt? Design it in our Design Studio and see if you can top ours!

Check out the t-shirt here.

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